Monday, May 4, 2015

The Curse begins- Part 1 (Short Story)

Druv Narayan had it all chalked out in his mind. That house that he was living in was creepy, something peculiar about it that made him highly uncomfortable. Especially when lying in bed. But it was a part of his job to investigate what was happening here. The owner, Aisha Ali was dead and the police couldn't find a clue.

He heard that noise again. That tinkle of the door because bells hung on them. It was supposed to warn the insiders about any visitors. But it was exactly one in the night. In his paranormal studies, one was just thirteen after midnight. And 13 was unlucky, when it opened a portal for beings of another world. He knew that now he couldn't sleep. He was up, dressing in his jeans and shirt already. He just finished the last sip of coffee that was left in his cup, ready to make a fresh one. 

The door moved again, the photo frame of the Ali's family turned upside down. He was ready and while he turned it back on its place, he followed someone who was breathing heavily. It just made sense. He took his SOS navigator camcoder and took tentative steps towards what he thought took him to the attic. The wooden stairs were noisy and creaked one by one as he stepped up purposely. The fabric of a woman's long maxi skirt in red left a trail and before he could could confront it. He could almost touch it and he did, feeling the silkiness of the fabric. The attic was dark and the tinkle of the bells kept the steady ring throughout. It was like he was in the church but this was way more complicated. It was evil. The dark shadows just increased in number. Someone knocked from behind the wooden walls. He was stunned. It was a clear concise sound. 

"Help me. I am trapped".
"Who are you?" he tried to keep his voice as close to a whisper. The whispers of a little girl in the wall was trembling and he waited for them to subside. 
"My mother did this. This was my room. The moment I fell sick, she hated me".
Her words were not to be trusted. No one should trust a ghost. 
He went close to it, trying hard to listen. Her whispers were just getting lower.
"One day I was just better and playing with my doll. But she said I was not supposed to get well. I was not supposed to live".
The voice quiet down.
He turned to go back when a loud shrill voice of a girl screaming pierced in his ears. 
"Do not trust. Do not trust. Do Not trust".
"What are you talking about?"
"Things that live are not always truthful".

The shadows disappeared and he was standing all alone in a dimly lit attic. There were dusty antique wooden trunks unopened since years and some new stuff which could belong to the Ali's family. He was feeling a little brave after that little episode. He opened the smallest of all and found little girl's dress and a tattered doll. It was smiling at him. And he was tempted to take it for his little girl at home. From what he could feel, there had been a murder in the house. And the girl was inside the wall if he could take her word for it. Evil often drew living beings to them and if he opened the pandora's box then he could be in trouble.

Maybe he should just call the police and see how it goes.
He picked up the doll and dialed 100. He gave one last look at the plushy soft doll. Yes, his daughter would surely love it.

(c)Sonia Kundra Singh
Original Content
Do Not Copy
(c)Copyright 1957


  1. Awesome. You sd definitely write a horror novel soon.

    1. U knw what practise makes man perfect! Ill have to write sm more for that kind of committment. Till then im comfortable writing short stories :)

  2. Interesting Sonia :-) await the other parts...

    1. Yea ill post it tomorrow :). Its gonna get spooky!

  3. Great going... waiting for the next part... :-)

    1. Thx Maniparna :). I am glad you liked it.


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