Monday, May 4, 2015

The Curse continues- The Letter Part 2 (Short Story)

Druv was worried. He often saw his daughter, Laxshmi talking to the doll. It was alright he knew but something about this doll didn't feel right. Sometimes it even stared at him. His wife was seriously ill and despite all the tests done, there was no improvement. The Ali's house was scanned and the attic was torn apart. The walls of the attic had skeletons of children, in fact several. They were going to look into the matter, leaving the mess untouched for now. He could sense the girl in his house sometimes too. The times he had been on his paranormal adventures, he never felt this weird or freaked out.

"I think you should come over", it was police officer Rajnath, "You never said that this was a murder site".
"I never knew it myself. I thought it was just one little girl".
"Obviously it wasn't just one girl. Whoever did this must have been insane. And was never caught", he sounded disturbed, "There is a diary and some things that you could be interested in. The police needs your help in this".
He didn't know if he wanted to go over but here he was standing in front of the bunglow, now abandoned by the Ali's family.
He entered and the door closed behind him.
The attic was in shambles and he took the diary from Rajnath turning it over in his hands, realizing that it was written in the 1990s. And it belonged to a woman who murdered the children.

April 13th 1986

She was born. Hideous and cries all the time. I told Amit to make her go away but he only yells at me. She only cries when she is in my arms and I hate that. Being a mother shouldn't be this difficult. Dai ma asked me not to worry, that you are just going through a phrase.

May 13th 1986

He bought her a doll. It's a cloth one and looks harmless. Ria seems to love it. She never lets go of it. But the doll is evil. I could see that. I can hear it talk all the time.

Druv flipped through the pages. The entries were all done on 13th of each month. And how the girl grew up to be 5 years old, making her mother the target of all anger and hate. Or was it the mother who felt like this? Who could hate her new born baby?

Jan 13th 1991

She was sick again. It's been an on an off thing now. Why do i feel relieved every time she closes her eyes? I hope that she never wakes up. I spoke with the tantric today. The doll has to go or else she will never die.

Druv found a letter, an old postage envelope from a psychiatric ward. It showed that Smita was just getting worse. She would have to be here till her daughter gets better.

"And she refuses to believe that anything is wrong with her. She keeps yelling that her daughter put her here. The five year old little girl just stared blankly when she said that and left without saying a word. Mrs Smita said take the doll the doll away from her but no one actually listened to her. Her talk about dolls was getting her in trouble. I don't think she would ever get out".

Druv felt someone tapping on his knee. He looked down and saw a clear picture of a little girl, her black hair dark and straight, covering her face then she looked up, her eyes red and her face blue.
"You know my secret now. Give me my doll now".

(c)Sonia Kundra Singh
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  1. Very nice yar :) Love the way u wrote this..

    1. Thx Anjali. Look out for the third part :). Spooky n creepy is my thing these days

  2. Oh! Quite a scary ending... well done... (y)..

    1. Lolz. Yes. Honestly i am actually enjoying it :).


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