Wednesday, May 6, 2015

The Curse Part 3- The Haunted Doll (Short Story)

Druv ran. He knew Lakshmi might be in danger. The little girl wanted her doll and he had it with him. How could he be so stupid! It was his job to sense evil and he literally bought it home. No wonder he could only see the little girl's shadow in the attic. The moment he reached, the door opened all by itself. His wife was sleeping so he didn't check on her but Lakshmi was in her bedroom, playing.
The doll was sitting on her bed and turned her head when he entered.
"I don't want to go".
"Appa. You are early".
"Does she talk to you?" He moved around her bed carefully, wanting to avoid anything happening to his daughter.
"Yes. she is my friend now".
She sounded strange, almost as if she was contradicting the words in his brain, "She will stay with me".
"No!" he pulled it from her hands, "She is going to leave. And I'll get you a new one".
There was another scream. It was his wife.
Clutching the doll with a death grip, he ran towards the room upstairs. His wife was up on the ceiling. Her eyes red as she looked angry about something. Her face shockingly paler.
"Kill her!
"What are you talking about?"
She flew away from him, almost striking him in the process, "She is supposed to die. Not live. And now it's too late".
Lakshmi was the target, he knew. The little girl was playing mind games with him, letting him know that his daughter wouldn't live either. He looked at the doll. It was made of cloth and burning it off could be the solution. He grabbed his daughter in his arms and ran up to the stove. The automatic buttons didn't work no matter how much he tried. He could hear tapping, sounds of someone scratching the walls. She was coming down...
At last he found a match box, left over from a birthday party and fumbled with the match sticks. The doll was indeed difficult to burn. This was going to be very difficult.
Then he turned and saw the most fearful sight of his life. His wife screaming like she was going to kill them all. That mas insane face of a woman who just wanted one thing. Blood in her hands.
He pushed her away with all his force and tried two another match sticks. It worked. The hair caught on fire but she was pulled away from his hands. His daughter was not going to let it burn. The look in her eyes told him that.
The haunted doll was going to take his family away from him.

Druv walked in the dark alleys of the psychiatric ward and wished that the surly nurse let him alone.
"She has been sedated. You can just look if you want. Because all she talks about is some doll".
He knew that. The day it took the doll away from his daughter, she had been acting insane. His wife was back to normal. And cried all the time. It wasn't her fault of course.
But taking the doll away from his daughter was impossible. She would have that insane look in her eyes if he even took it away in the night. The doctors asked him to admit her in the hospital. Her skin was turning paler and her curly locks were getting straight. He couldn't recognize that sweet little girl anymore.
He opened the small window and called out her name.
"I am going to get out of here. You know", she laughed loudly.
Lakshmi had been here for the last ten years now. Trying to get better was secondary. She never stopped talk about the doll.
"Did you get me that new dress?"
"Yes", he hesitated as he withdrew a miniature frock, "Is this the color you want?"
She grabbed it from his hands, "Yes appa. Thank you. She is going to look beautiful".
The last thing he saw was the doll turning her head to watch him go. The taunt in her eyes so clear that he wanted to tear it out. His daughter was never going to get out of here..

His wife was next. He left them alone and followed the nurse to complete the formalities.
"I told you that I will kill you. This is much better though, don't you think?" Her eyes has turned ink black. Lakshmi didn't respond and combed the doll's hair silently.

Thank you everyone for reading and following my Horror Webseries- THE CURSE. This is the end of the story. Let me know if you wanted another ending for it. And I will work on it. But I need a little convincing for a happier ending :)

(c) Sonia Kundra Singh
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  1. Sonia are u professionally an author? U are amazing in ur work :)

    1. Yes Anjali :). You should check out the links to my books. And I am glad you like my work :)

  2. A great story indeed!...I loved how you build up the suspense and terror...wonderfully penned... :-)

    1. Thx Maniparna :). Glad u liked it. Ur comment made my day!

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