Monday, February 20, 2017

Types Of Army Wives: Yes, We have a category

Shit happens!
 And behind that shit, are some shitty people who just love to shit everywhere, be it over what messages or just in general, open their mouths. Now what i am really talking about is the culture in the army. You face new people, make great friends but sometimes you can end up intimidating a few and really thats what makes you aware that, you need to just let go of them and be in your own world. The biggest  mistake you could do as an army wife is thinking that you could befriend your senior wife. I did that and somehow I felt the biggest betrayal ever. Gossip travels faster than light here and even if you think that being quite is the only thing that's keeping you sane, it will driver your crazier. 

No Reality check: 

I see that unhappy people love, making other people unhappy. If you smile, laugh and just be yourself, they think that something is wrong with you, why aren't you cribbing about your life? What is it that making me happy? These kind of ladies will be insecure with their families as well. And tend to take out their frustrations through messages. 

The 'Bechari' Card (The poor sad girl): 

This card in army is just used so many times but its never exhausted. Messy hair, dupatta out of place,  and a sad drawn look on he face. I tend to find this kind of an army wife not common. Its not a card that you could use, unless you are an expert in being that part. These kinds don't get along with anyone, have several issues with life and actually think they are better than anyone else. 

The working woman:

An army wife is often the epitome of many talents. And despite the busy schedule of AWWA activities, demanding kids and husband, if you can work while staying and maintaining a home then you are the perfect women. Some do this with flying colours and no judgement, you women are Goddess! 
But then there are a few who make other ladies life miserable while working. They have the 'working' card that they use if they want to get away from anything. Many choose to live away from their husbands while commanding their ladies on WhatsApp, thinking that she could earn the points by showing this side of hers. These kind of women have no knowledge of how army wives work together, usually the words coming out their mouth is of their husband's and their non-participation attitude is frankly irritating. 

The Yester-year Commanding Wife:

This is the kind of army wife who had been on a good powerful position, a few years ago, who can do anything to be in power again, even if that means cozying up with the senior most lady. In return, she tends to make the junior ladies feel miserable with her demeaning attitude, also she would have a loud grating voice that would feel like she is shouting rather than talking. She is no one's favourite and tends to get on the nerves with her arrival. 

So you see, despite meeting various types of 'No-Lady' women in the army, you will survive and if you feel overwhelmed with their vindictiveness, do not sit back and listen, your parents didn't raise you to be a punching bag. Be proud of who you are and most of all be nice!

Note: This is not Hate post, but only a few observations that needed to be written. 


  1. A honest post on what goes behind the curtains, we civilians are unaware of. I guess, people's behavior and judgement are everywhere. Time to avoid toxic people. Full marks to you, Sonia.

    1. thanks Vishal. Lately having a difficult time...this post helped me put things into perspective.

  2. Sonia... Well said. I faced so many of these in the last tenure I kept myself away from the army social life. No ladies meets welfare party etc... consequently I've been branded snooty , bitchy etc , but I've done well for myself professional ly and am happy to be away from the negativity.

  3. Hi,
    I am an army wife too. And i do agree that these kind of women do exist. But since the title of this post suggested types of army wives, it would have been nice if you could have included some good examples too. For example the ever hospitable and warm wife who gives you the best welcome drink and becomes a part of your family. I have had such ladies in the army. And some really shitty ones too though. Completely agree to the yesteryear CO wife, i had one in my last unit. Drained the life out of me coz I am really junior.

  4. Blogging is the new poetry. I find it wonderful and amazing in many ways.


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