Sunday, April 19, 2015

Earth Is Calling so wake up!

Green Yatra is a NGO who wants to promote awareness towards more green and clean earth. Here are some of the things we could do as a citizen.

Take A Walk

We all know that mother earth is our only way of surviving and to make it a better place to live in, you have to do your bit everyday. Walking on the streets has become such a hassle these days. There are no proper pavement because street vendors occupy the space and then leave the place dirty and used. Eventually we find no parking and end up having an argument with shopkeepers, vendors and other drivers. And then we leave the car in motion waiting for your loved ones to join you. Do you know how much petrol you are wasting? Its not only financially draining for you but also environmentally harmful for everyone around.

Eat In More

Restaurant business is thriving because people now do not want to learn cooking or waste any time doing it. There is of course the buffet option where you have your fill which does leave you statisfied but be honest, how much food is left on that plate, uneaten? The leftovers are often taken by the dairy farms where the cows and pigs are feed this and ultimately the milk and pork that you consume is of the same. So well, eat less outside and even if you do do an A la carte.

Carry A garbage Bag

While riding in your car make sure that you carry that waste bag with you always. It could be that packet of chips or the diaper your son had soiled, it would come in great use because throwing things out of the window is just damn rude.


When you have those beautiful bottles of kissan jam and dabur honey, have something made out of it. I prefer to make a indoor planter out of them. You can use any crafts to decorate the bottle and even have a herb tray in your kitchen. Some other things you could re-use are CDs (for costers, wall hangings), Cardboard/ shoe boxes (for storage).

Use your Laptop/Smartphone

That grocery list that you wanted to write down, you could just make a quick list on your phone instead of wasting papers. And if you are a writer like me then use your laptop even if its to make a draft. That way you wouldn't waste a notebook because all your ideas sucked. Use technology wisely.

These are some of the things that you could do from your side. Do not wait for something drastic to happen because don't forget that you would have to leave the earth behind for your children. They deserve a better tomorrow too.

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  1. Very interesting yet useful suggestions for green living sonia. My personal favorite is carrying a bag. It is a MUST for every shoppers. Nicely written!


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