Tuesday, May 22, 2018

A Selfie With Motherhood #Mobiistar

Selfies, the new and popular trends of focusing more on oneself and less on the problems around you, is here is to stay. And why not, when our life is really not that perfect, one perfect selfie really makes our day. Who's to say that you are a narcissist when loving yourself is more important than anything in this chaotic depressed world out there! 

I remember the days when having a camera, a digital one, used to be a big deal. Taking them out of it,  the biggest of task. With the social media boom, uploading a selfie only makes you feel as if you connected with yourself today. You get to flaunt your day, the upside, the downside, maybe even the weird side of you. Where your pictures becomes a memoir. A sort of a reminder that you look good despite the day you had, a hope rising within you that you are enough, all by yourself. 

When it comes to taking pictures, It needs only one special feeling inside. And it all begins for me with motherhood. If you ask me what makes me smile a little wider is that one special moment with my son. A reluctant participant at times, he knows his importance because his mom wants one more selfie with him. 
This is how we celebrate our car rides

A new beginning to motherhood

Life as we know it is running right past us. Kids growing up so fast that you wouldn't come to know when he would just not be around enough to even sit with a picture with you. For me capturing these moments makes my day. That one day I would open up my Instagram or Facebook and get to relive the moments. So here comes the benefit of having a really good camera phone that Mobiistar phone's front, dual selfie camera promises with the utmost selfie experience. For a perfect selfie, this is selfie camera you are supposed to have!

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