Tuesday, January 16, 2018

My Vitamin E Mantra

When you are all but a young girl, puberty hits you hard and your face is full of acne, the skin acts against your wishes and is so tanned and scarred that you do not recognise yourself anymore. Then came to my recuse was Vitamin E oil that made a difference to my life. My mom has three daughters, hence she is a superwoman with knowledge of what will help us at times when we are lost. It made life more interesting and slowly Vitamin E became a part of our lives. You do not realise how much you need it unless you use it. 

After having my first child, I was back to using it again. Honestly i do not get it when people talk about the pregnancy glow. Mine looked like an expensive facial gone wrong. Scarred and pigmented, hiding it behind makeup when I really didn't have time for that. I did find Evion capsules as one of the best supplement to add in my daily routine.

When Hormones Go Crazy

You would not know when your hormones become your frenemies. You will hate then, love them but cannot live without them. Inculcating a good diet of Vitamin E is what you need. So go and make a shopping list of fruits like Kiwi, Butternut Squash, Almonds, Sweet potato, Spinach and see your life take a complete 360 degree turn. Not only it helps you maintain a healthy weight, it gives your skin a healthy glow.

Pregnancy Woes

Skin suffers the most when you expect a baby. Acne and pigmentation is the curse of being a new mommy. Trust me, its great to have a new life growing inside you but a Vitamin E diet is great obviously as mentioned above, also make sure that you add the oil in your cleansing routine. And those stretch marks will also be taken care of in a jiffy. Just apply the oil on a daily basis and see the difference. 

Kids Safe

Best part about Vitamin E, is that it is kids safe. You can use it when they have any kind of skin problems, such as sunburn or a tan even on their chapped lips. Always make it a part of your kids vanity as well. 

Hair growth

If you love to maintain your hair, then this the key to owning a thick flow mane. Add a little vitamin E oil in your usual coconut oil and the concession would be your safe net. Despite using the harsh commercial products, you will not loose hair over it. 

Start Early

Do not wait for your body to suffer if you know the solution. And it only makes you feel better. And you will see the change in the first day itself, making you feel like a million bucks already. #Evion as a company is reliable and you can go for it with closed eyes. Not only are these the most powerful antioxidants to fight your immune system, Vitamin E makes your life so much more easier. 

Evion supplements are easily available online and do not think twice before getting some for yourself. Nothing is more important than maintaining your health and your skin. You get only one life to live, make it beautiful. 

Monday, January 15, 2018

The Army Day

Today is Army Day, a day when we celebrate the glory of the stars on a shoulder and a life that's unlike others. An experience that you can only know it once because as you grow older, the old times seems bygone. As an army wife I am proud of the man I am married to. The various jobs that he juggles as the man of the house as well. Obviously it makes our life more interesting when we get to interact with people of the same profession and hopefully will only get to get better.

The sacrifices that you have to make when your husband has to leave you alone because the matters of our country are more important and slowly you get used to it. But its always with a smile and anyway it wouldn't matter if you frown at times because you are allowed to feel things. After all its not a crime to behave like a human, at times cry and at times throw a fit. It always makes us better as a couple in the longer run. So, lets celebrate this day, this unique label of an army wife, be proud of yourself as a woman and salute to all the soldiers away from their families. Some at borders and some in heaven...You are truly missed!