Wednesday, July 25, 2012


For a first time writer, being their book displayed at the book store is almost being recognized for their work.

A fanatically devoted father, a headstrong daughter and a devious rake make their way into the world of an arranged marriage, which is a sham. It was going to be the perfect match according to the father, but Ria was impulsive and Arman hated being tied to a girl he had never seen before. Ria was determined to put up a fight to the end and Arman, guided by his instincts, did not offer any help but to desire her with his heart. 

Could Arman convince her that he was the one for Ria?

LOVE ME IN THE END at the book stores

Monday, July 16, 2012

High hopes!

The day begins with high hopes of writing something again and I am stuck with searching for titles. I stumbled upon this interesting link on just so many titles on love that I am just abashed and a little elated to know that titles starting with LOVE actually make sense (If its a romantic novel). A die hard fan of romance, my next romance is just going to be all about love and the real essence of togetherness.

"""As the author of the ''I Love You'' virus recently learned, anyone seeking a large readership should use the word love in a title"" - Jenny Lyn Bader.

Makes sense i guess.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Self Love

I am coming down to write my third novel, the second already gone for publishing now and will probably be out before the end of this this year. It is an exciting process to get your work acknowledged. Of course I find my share of critics but it is just another way how you deal with them. The important thing is that you write for the sake of writing and not for some kind of adoration. I satiate my hunger for self love by writing. It just a matter of maintaining that self love by ignoring people who say otherwise. If you listen to people talking about your work and being negative about it, you know that they are just telling you their views. And a good writer is always critisized.
No one is perfect. 
And I never ran behind perfection. Always craving for it. I have realized that being perfect is just another excuse for blaming people why they are not the way you want them to be.
My work is just another sample of how perfection is not achieved but procured. 
So love yourself and write what you love about. 

Thursday, July 12, 2012

I haven't written for a while. And all kudos to me being pregnant and later being a mother. I never thought it would make a difference to my writing and really it hasn't until I gave birth to this beautiful baby named Vivaan. I am totally in love again and though my husband feels the same thing, a mother's feelings are way different. I want to care while hubby wants to play. I am really glad I am born a woman. No way men would understand this feeling. So I keep thinking about my lil baby day and night and so comes my very valid reason of not writing. I have been away from army life as well, so I couldn't update anyone about the latest politics in life. I have been keeping myself updated reading my friends and fellow writers...sometimes it just feels good to read and not write. The mind really clears steer from the usual and I have something going on in my mind for my next novel. Its almost done...I keep saying that to myself.

here is a lil preview of my sweetheart