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The Curse Part 3- The Haunted Doll (Short Story)

Druv ran. He knew Lakshmi might be in danger. The little girl wanted her doll and he had it with him. How could he be so stupid! It was his job to sense evil and he literally bought it home. No wonder he could only see the little girl's shadow in the attic. The moment he reached, the door opened all by itself. His wife was sleeping so he didn't check on her but Lakshmi was in her bedroom, playing.
The doll was sitting on her bed and turned her head when he entered.
"I don't want to go".
"Appa. You are early".
"Does she talk to you?" He moved around her bed carefully, wanting to avoid anything happening to his daughter.
"Yes. she is my friend now".
She sounded strange, almost as if she was contradicting the words in his brain, "She will stay with me".
"No!" he pulled it from her hands, "She is going to leave. And I'll get you a new one".
There was another scream. It was his wife.
Clutching the doll with a death grip, he ran towards the room upstairs. His wife was up on the ceiling. Her eyes red as she looked angry about something. Her face shockingly paler.
"Kill her!
"What are you talking about?"
She flew away from him, almost striking him in the process, "She is supposed to die. Not live. And now it's too late".
Lakshmi was the target, he knew. The little girl was playing mind games with him, letting him know that his daughter wouldn't live either. He looked at the doll. It was made of cloth and burning it off could be the solution. He grabbed his daughter in his arms and ran up to the stove. The automatic buttons didn't work no matter how much he tried. He could hear tapping, sounds of someone scratching the walls. She was coming down...
At last he found a match box, left over from a birthday party and fumbled with the match sticks. The doll was indeed difficult to burn. This was going to be very difficult.
Then he turned and saw the most fearful sight of his life. His wife screaming like she was going to kill them all. That mas insane face of a woman who just wanted one thing. Blood in her hands.
He pushed her away with all his force and tried two another match sticks. It worked. The hair caught on fire but she was pulled away from his hands. His daughter was not going to let it burn. The look in her eyes told him that.
The haunted doll was going to take his family away from him.

Druv walked in the dark alleys of the psychiatric ward and wished that the surly nurse let him alone.
"She has been sedated. You can just look if you want. Because all she talks about is some doll".
He knew that. The day it took the doll away from his daughter, she had been acting insane. His wife was back to normal. And cried all the time. It wasn't her fault of course.
But taking the doll away from his daughter was impossible. She would have that insane look in her eyes if he even took it away in the night. The doctors asked him to admit her in the hospital. Her skin was turning paler and her curly locks were getting straight. He couldn't recognize that sweet little girl anymore.
He opened the small window and called out her name.
"I am going to get out of here. You know", she laughed loudly.
Lakshmi had been here for the last ten years now. Trying to get better was secondary. She never stopped talk about the doll.
"Did you get me that new dress?"
"Yes", he hesitated as he withdrew a miniature frock, "Is this the color you want?"
She grabbed it from his hands, "Yes appa. Thank you. She is going to look beautiful".
The last thing he saw was the doll turning her head to watch him go. The taunt in her eyes so clear that he wanted to tear it out. His daughter was never going to get out of here..

His wife was next. He left them alone and followed the nurse to complete the formalities.
"I told you that I will kill you. This is much better though, don't you think?" Her eyes has turned ink black. Lakshmi didn't respond and combed the doll's hair silently.

Thank you everyone for reading and following my Horror Webseries- THE CURSE. This is the end of the story. Let me know if you wanted another ending for it. And I will work on it. But I need a little convincing for a happier ending :)

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Her Wedding Night- A Short Story

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“Come away with me!”
His hands hurt and his mouth was tightened into a grim line of remorse and anger, “Please…!” he begged as he pulled her closer to him.
“No”, he heard her lifeless voice and there was no emotion in her voice.
There she sat, so young and beautiful on the bed, wearing the bright red glitters of bride and golden of the sunshine.   Her eyes glittered, her tears already dry and spent.
“No”, she repeated but there was no firmness in her voice. Raising her gray eyes she bit her lip. A habit that was endearing to Arnav for a very long time-almost three years  
He moved closer to his, cupping her face in his hands and forced her to look at him, “But why! You don’t want to marry this guy, do you?” his mouth slowly moved closer to her when she suddenly pushed hi \m away from her. Her gray eyes no longer dim “Damn you Arnav! Damn you! What do you want me to do? Leave all this”, she spread her hands and looked around, “You want me to go with you and disgrace my family…my husband!”
“You don’t even know him”, he snared, his no longer pleading, “That guy could have seen you hundreds of times in a wedding…is it my fault that I don’t belong to your community?”
“No”, she said morosely, “It was never your fault. And that guy you are referring to is now my husband”.
“I don’t care a damn about that! He hasn’t touched you. have!” he pulled her closer again and plundered his mouth into hers, punishing her for the torture he was going through sitting here waiting for her relinquish her principles for once and do something that they both wanted. He moved her lips closer to her ears, “Can you tell me that after being with me you want to be with him? I can hear your heart beating Shriya. Its telling me that I’m the only one whom you will ever love!”
“Y-yes”, she answered, her voice no longer steady. It shook with the force of love she felt for him.
“Then come away with me…you know you want to…”
“No”, she repeated again.
His whole body stiffened and he suddenly let go of her. She fell on her back and stared at him with helpless eyes. Pulling his T-shirt down to his jeans he ran his fingers roughly on his thick long hair. It almost reached his shoulder.
“You are too young!” he protested, “Why in the hell they got you married?”
“We, Arnav”, she repeated, “We are too young. You forget that we are of the same age”
“So what!” he barked then closed his eyes swallowing the pain because he knew that no matter how much he protested now Shriya had made up her mind. He looked at her drinking in the beauty, the innocence of youth…only eighteen waiting for her husband to come and ravish her. Just the thought burned his blood. He felt like killing…he felt like dying!
“You have to leave now”, she said, her voice marvelously calm again, “I hear footsteps”.
He narrowed his eyes, “You want me to go”, repeating her words as if he was hearing that he was about to be given a death sentence, “And what then? Where do I go from here?”
“I know where I go from here Arnav. Where you go, you have to decide”.
“I want you. Only you!”  He shouted again.
She closed her eyes and looked away, breathing unsteadying while silent tears ran on his cheeks.
“So I should go?”
She nodded and pursed her lips, an unwanted sob passing through her lips.
“God! Don’t cry! Why are you crying”, he almost sneered, “It should be me who should be crying. Should I?”
“No!” she yelled this time and then glared at him showing the old sprit that had attracted Arnav to her at the first place, “I want you to leave. My husband is going to be here any minute now. Do you want him to find out that I was having an affair before our marriage?”
“I don’t want to shame you”, Arnav drew a sharp breath, “Or do you think that is why I came here. Climbing that window?”
“I just want you to leave”.
“I’m asking you again”, he slowly walked towards her, “I’ll earn Shriya…I can make money. We don’t have to live on love only…”
“So that’s it, is it?” he paused on his steps and looked at the because he knew that this would be the one last time he would.
Their eyes met and a strong current seemed to pass, Arnav turned away before it destroyed him. He slowly walked towards the open French window. Though he didn’t look back he could hear her soft sobs and she didn’t even call his name. The door of the room suddenly clicked and he quickly climbed back. The last thing he heard was a man talking and Shriya’s soft answer to him.
His Shriya was married.
His beautiful young Shriya was married and he couldn’t do a damn about anything. He walked slowly on the road his eyes blind to the fast paced traffic coming along on the road.  Miraculously he walked straight without getting hit, his thoughts only about the wedding night of Shriya ahead. She was not his any longer…
His eyes hardened at the thought. She could have come with him. If she loved him, she would have come with him…
Maybe she didn’t love him enough. Maybe…just maybe their love not strong enough to protect them.
A tortured cry left right from his heart to his mouth and the only thing he didn’t do was to cry.

The Curse continues- The Letter Part 2 (Short Story)

Druv was worried. He often saw his daughter, Laxshmi talking to the doll. It was alright he knew but something about this doll didn't feel right. Sometimes it even stared at him. His wife was seriously ill and despite all the tests done, there was no improvement. The Ali's house was scanned and the attic was torn apart. The walls of the attic had skeletons of children, in fact several. They were going to look into the matter, leaving the mess untouched for now. He could sense the girl in his house sometimes too. The times he had been on his paranormal adventures, he never felt this weird or freaked out.

"I think you should come over", it was police officer Rajnath, "You never said that this was a murder site".
"I never knew it myself. I thought it was just one little girl".
"Obviously it wasn't just one girl. Whoever did this must have been insane. And was never caught", he sounded disturbed, "There is a diary and some things that you could be interested in. The police needs your help in this".
He didn't know if he wanted to go over but here he was standing in front of the bunglow, now abandoned by the Ali's family.
He entered and the door closed behind him.
The attic was in shambles and he took the diary from Rajnath turning it over in his hands, realizing that it was written in the 1990s. And it belonged to a woman who murdered the children.

April 13th 1986

She was born. Hideous and cries all the time. I told Amit to make her go away but he only yells at me. She only cries when she is in my arms and I hate that. Being a mother shouldn't be this difficult. Dai ma asked me not to worry, that you are just going through a phrase.

May 13th 1986

He bought her a doll. It's a cloth one and looks harmless. Ria seems to love it. She never lets go of it. But the doll is evil. I could see that. I can hear it talk all the time.

Druv flipped through the pages. The entries were all done on 13th of each month. And how the girl grew up to be 5 years old, making her mother the target of all anger and hate. Or was it the mother who felt like this? Who could hate her new born baby?

Jan 13th 1991

She was sick again. It's been an on an off thing now. Why do i feel relieved every time she closes her eyes? I hope that she never wakes up. I spoke with the tantric today. The doll has to go or else she will never die.

Druv found a letter, an old postage envelope from a psychiatric ward. It showed that Smita was just getting worse. She would have to be here till her daughter gets better.

"And she refuses to believe that anything is wrong with her. She keeps yelling that her daughter put her here. The five year old little girl just stared blankly when she said that and left without saying a word. Mrs Smita said take the doll the doll away from her but no one actually listened to her. Her talk about dolls was getting her in trouble. I don't think she would ever get out".

Druv felt someone tapping on his knee. He looked down and saw a clear picture of a little girl, her black hair dark and straight, covering her face then she looked up, her eyes red and her face blue.
"You know my secret now. Give me my doll now".

(c)Sonia Kundra Singh
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The Curse begins- Part 1 (Short Story)

Druv Narayan had it all chalked out in his mind. That house that he was living in was creepy, something peculiar about it that made him highly uncomfortable. Especially when lying in bed. But it was a part of his job to investigate what was happening here. The owner, Aisha Ali was dead and the police couldn't find a clue.

He heard that noise again. That tinkle of the door because bells hung on them. It was supposed to warn the insiders about any visitors. But it was exactly one in the night. In his paranormal studies, one was just thirteen after midnight. And 13 was unlucky, when it opened a portal for beings of another world. He knew that now he couldn't sleep. He was up, dressing in his jeans and shirt already. He just finished the last sip of coffee that was left in his cup, ready to make a fresh one. 

The door moved again, the photo frame of the Ali's family turned upside down. He was ready and while he turned it back on its place, he followed someone who was breathing heavily. It just made sense. He took his SOS navigator camcoder and took tentative steps towards what he thought took him to the attic. The wooden stairs were noisy and creaked one by one as he stepped up purposely. The fabric of a woman's long maxi skirt in red left a trail and before he could could confront it. He could almost touch it and he did, feeling the silkiness of the fabric. The attic was dark and the tinkle of the bells kept the steady ring throughout. It was like he was in the church but this was way more complicated. It was evil. The dark shadows just increased in number. Someone knocked from behind the wooden walls. He was stunned. It was a clear concise sound. 

"Help me. I am trapped".
"Who are you?" he tried to keep his voice as close to a whisper. The whispers of a little girl in the wall was trembling and he waited for them to subside. 
"My mother did this. This was my room. The moment I fell sick, she hated me".
Her words were not to be trusted. No one should trust a ghost. 
He went close to it, trying hard to listen. Her whispers were just getting lower.
"One day I was just better and playing with my doll. But she said I was not supposed to get well. I was not supposed to live".
The voice quiet down.
He turned to go back when a loud shrill voice of a girl screaming pierced in his ears. 
"Do not trust. Do not trust. Do Not trust".
"What are you talking about?"
"Things that live are not always truthful".

The shadows disappeared and he was standing all alone in a dimly lit attic. There were dusty antique wooden trunks unopened since years and some new stuff which could belong to the Ali's family. He was feeling a little brave after that little episode. He opened the smallest of all and found little girl's dress and a tattered doll. It was smiling at him. And he was tempted to take it for his little girl at home. From what he could feel, there had been a murder in the house. And the girl was inside the wall if he could take her word for it. Evil often drew living beings to them and if he opened the pandora's box then he could be in trouble.

Maybe he should just call the police and see how it goes.
He picked up the doll and dialed 100. He gave one last look at the plushy soft doll. Yes, his daughter would surely love it.

(c)Sonia Kundra Singh
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Diary of a Married Woman- A Horror/Thriller Story

Date: 6th May 1975

He waited for me to come home every night, to our son and our life that seemed to be going on and on for years now. It will never end. Marriage after all has no end, no contract. And I envied my single friend, Asmara. She had no worries, except maybe paying the bills and keeping her flat going with her 9 to 5 job. I had no job. Maybe that's why I had to do it secretly. I wore a saree at home but outside I was a different woman. A woman who wanted it all. Who could tell that a simple married woman was in fact a prostitute? My job gave me pleasure. I know I am supposed to crib but I don't. I like being manhandled and wanted. It makes me feel like a woman.

Date: 17th May 1975

Today there were riots and Indira Gandhi has declared emergency in the state. Everything was weird. But my clients were more than ever. Maybe it was the stress of what was happening. The man was handsome. He had a wife and an infant of two days at home. But he came to me. He says he is attracted to me but I find an instant dislike to such an insensitive man. After he pushed me against his car, I didnt't feel like being a part of the act. So I just pretended it was my husband. 

Date: 20th May 1975

Asmara was unhappy. She cried that her boyfriend had to undergo vasectomy. The rules were strict. And she wanted children. They were about to get married too. I felt nothing except perhaps, my husband should go to the camp. He should be sterilized. Already her son was showing signs of autism. I shouldn't tell him though. I killed our second baby when it was born. I took his tiny neck in my hands and cracked it into two. And I felt happy. My body was mine again. 

Date: 25th May 1975

They were going to kill me. I just knew that. Yet when he just felt my breasts, I realized like every other man, he wanted to do it. A woman found in the streets so late in the night despite the State emergency, was a serious offence. The police officer gave me a lewd stare and asked me to get with it. When I reached home, tired and scared, I never wanted to go out of the home now. But he hit me again. Did I tell you that he didn't know I was a woman of streets? He thinks I got and sell those horrible puppets he makes at home. And all that money I earn is his. But how can i let him know the truth? Hurt and male ego didn't go well together.

Date 30th May 1975

Killing a man for money was easier now. It wasn't necessary to do anything else. That handsome man met me again. It was easier to work late in the nights now in exchange of physical favors. I stood with blood in my hands and my mouth, his guts were out and he looked like a scary picture of 1950's. Black and white and no color in his cheeks. Dead people made an interesting subject to describe. No wonder the police spent hours on them. But they were not going to find the culprit. 


The tank bund on the roads of Necklace road was deep. Osman Lake was filled with uneven shores. There wasn't a soul walking around. She raised her hands high up in the air, closing her eyes, enjoying the fresh air and a faint order of fish mingled with blood. Then there was a splash. The old beggar on the road twitched his nose and collected the money she threw on his clothes. He removed his blind glasses and walked his way home. Finally he could afford the drugs and a bottle of rum for dinner. 

(C) Sonia Kundra Singh
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(c) Copyright 1957

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The Hand- A Thriller/Horror Story

Living in the city was never so much fun. I walked the lanes in a quite solitude waiting for the rain to calm down. It was getting darker and the rains didn't loose its ferocity. It only got dimmer and not so pleasant sunlight remained for us to go home.  But my home was what I called home. It was a one bed studio, previously owned by an artist. He still had his paintings in the flat when I started to move in. The landlord didn't touch them, asking me to do what I wish with them. Most of them were portraits of people, young and old and some very repetitive ones, as if he was trying to perfect his art. And some incomplete.  This particular woman did seem very difficult to put on canvas. And I was taking arts at school. It only made sense that I get to keep them.

The dreary stairs stood in front of me as I reached. Two flights to take and I skipped in my way. I was thin and fit so not having an elevator didn't suck as much as it did for others. And the rent was dead cheap. It was so affordable that I didn't need to share it with anyone. I finally had my own place at 18.

I flipped through the several keys I had when the door opposite to mine. The old woman was creepy, white hair, uncombed and those sleeping robe that must not been washed since ages. She she stunk! Like some rat feeding on dead worms and maybe of rat poop too. I backed a step. The smell was unbearable.

"Why are you living here?"
What a weird way of welcoming someone.
"He doesn't like anyone watching him work. Or touching his work. Never sold them even to me. I could have given him so much for those paintings".
"Uh, He?"
"The man who used to live here. Amish guy. beard and a hat with black suit. He used to hide them from his Rabbi family".
"What do you mean?"
"They killed him. He was being rebellious. A jew wasn't supposed to paint. He could only be a farmer or a teacher..."
"I see".
The woman laughed. Her rotting teeth telling a story of an unloved life, "And you will know soon too".
I just pushed myself into the flat, angry that I got an insane woman for a neighbor. No wonder I didn't have to give the down payment.

The light didn't work and it was too quite. The woman's word still ringing at the back of my mind. I was a catholic, church going woman with no one to tell me what to do with my life. The poor guy must have really suffered. Religion suppressing his creativity.
The lights flickered and a hollowness of someone talking began.
"Cut his hands off!"
"Both his hands!"
It was like an repetitive echo. The paintings began to lift and fly, smashing against the walls. I stood frozen, sweat trickled down my forehead and body just feeling cold, as if it was peak winters and I was standing naked in the middle of the night.
"I love that woman. Don't do this please".
"We are going to do what we please. Our religion does not allow two marriages. You are a cheat".
A shadow of a woman, so beautiful began crying. And another one, a little older but coldness exuded from her. She took the painter's knife and slashed the woman's head.

The lights came and there was no one in the room. The paintings were exactly where they were. And none were torn. I blinked and felt a fervor. The woman's painting had to be completed. I got to work, my hands picking up the color palate, fresh and the paint brushes looked new. It was like someone was waiting for her to do the job. I didn't feel tired, a strange fever catching up with me. Someone tapping my shoulders, putting his solid hands on them, wanting to tell me what to do. But I ignored it.

Morning came and I had a backache. It was the first in my life. The painting was finished. I went for my classes like everyday but the backache persisted despite those medicines. Weeks turned into months. The ghosts didn't come back. My neighbor was invisible but I was admitted in the hospital for an uneven spine. The backache had now become a serious problem. I was wrapped in some weird bandages, my hands were being bound and my mouth gagged as I tried to explain but no one heard me. My teacher had come to see me and he looked peeved and concerned.

"You said you had one painting that you wanted to show me".
"'s of a woman".
"Your flat is filled with blank canvas and there is only one painting with red paint on it. Of finger prints and hands..."
I was speechless.
"It looks like real blood".
"Maybe my flat was robbed. My neighbor might have seen something?"
"What neighbor? The old woman who owned it never gave it up. And she has been dead for years now. So I really don't know what you are talking about".
"I...Where am I?"
"It's a psychiatric ward. You have been making hand prints on your canvas for months now".
The old professor left shaking his head in dismay. I turned in my bed, curling into a ball, the backache gripping me in pain. The mirror in front of me had another man, hugging me from behind. I closed my eyes, tears and a mix of fear swirling me in the world of make believe world.

(c)Sonia Kundra Singh
Do Not Copy
(c)Copyright 1957

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A Christian Manipuri Wedding- A Photo Essay

This was the first time I ever attended a wedding in Manipur. And this Christian wedding was simple and elegant with lots of good wishes from their friends and relatives. I took some pictures while witnessing this event. It was so unlike any Christian wedding you would ever see in other parts of India. And yes, the bride wore white with sarwoski crystals.

Pledging to each other

After the wedding vows

The wedding guests

The Army Band playing for the couple