Monday, September 28, 2015

Protect Your Heart

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Women always keep their family in front, instead of focusing on their well-being and perhaps that makes them the way they are. Sweet, giving and amazing! But following a few health routines only take a few minutes of your time and let's not forget, giving yourself some "ME" time, gives you peace and keeps you happy. 

I came into the army as a new bride, setting up my kitchen when all I had was zero skills about cooking. But you know a soldier wants to keep fit and you kind of take the lead from there. I had to use the best of my efforts to keep my kitchen healthy and eatable too. Along with that we started our evening walks together when he came from office. It gave us a lot of time away from the television and internet while we talked about our day, our hopes and our goals. It does take a lot of encouragement to get out of the house even when he isn't with me. But I do. I think selfishly about myself, how I would like to fit in those dresses and make a difference to my BMI. It does not happen a day and sometimes I do not get on the weighing scale. But I do some yoga and do walk, and somehow everything makes sense. 

Health benefits with the right kind of diet and oil, makes all the difference. But you know what else matters? It's exercise. Yes, i know you must have heard it a number of times, people selling their diet books and propagating the uses of Yoga in your daily life but then are you doing enough to make a start? Because by starting out,you are only letting your happy harmonies out and trust me they are dying to!

You can find out today by going to and access your weight and your health. 

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Create Your Home With PaintFinder

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My home is my havan. I sleep, write, play, read and cook here. If there is something wrong in my house then I always blame the ambience around me. The colour has to be right and the furniture should not clutter my freedom. My husband and me often discuss getting one of those antique dinning tables and paint it with hues that will make us happy. I think my theme is definitely Lemon Cooler. 

When it comes to creating a perfect space all I can think about is cool mints. It's not always a great weather where I live and it always is good idea to have some colours on your walls that won't hurt your eye. I am all for loud accessories- Maybe a white sofa with ink blue with white cushions. And since I live in North most of my time, block prints make a great statement too. With Bed And Bath, I see my options increasing and I could find just any colour and fabric I want.

Firstly, I decide what suits my son's room. He has a very active life and colours effect the soul, so to calm his day and make him feel cozy, I decide on the same theme- Lemon Cooler. It certainly reminds of summers, spring flowers and a refreshing drink in my hand. My son is three, so his room will always be filled with toys that's not picked till the end of the day but this theme has bought out so much more- something that makes me feel, nothing is impossible. If you just find the right color. The website Bed and Bath really helped me decide on that! The paint finder tool is marvellous! And before you think what it is- it's all about seeing right in front of you how they feel when you are in a home. So try this one. You won't regret it!

Sachchi Advice Matters!

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Ajay is 25, young, just got his first pay and now all he wants to do is invest and all he did was invest in a flat. But then he didn't listen to his friends, who kept saying that he needs to wait till he did that. After all investing in a house is a big decision. He would have to wait for years till the builders handed over to him and there will be loan- lots of it! 

In the meanwhile, he got married and was still living in the company's flat, relatively not paying a lot on rent. Life was good and they plan a honeymoon abroad. Only, half of his pay was going for a loan and his wife was unemployed at the moment without any savings. Life comes to a standstill and Ajay is left with no option but take the cheapest tour somewhere in India so that they could save and not splurge on a reckless holiday. His wife, Priya, waited for things to get better. And soon its years passing by and they have their first baby. The hospital, the new nursery set up and the basic baby necessities take up half of Ajay's savings too. 
He is left with a beautiful baby but now they have to stop at one. One more baby meant a disaster financially. Priya understood and repeats the same thing. 

It's not a great life but it's manageable. Yet, the urge to spend lavishly on his family is there and Ajay feels helpless, asking Priya to work as soon as the baby starts school.

Is this how life you imagined would be if you had only researched and looked at your options? So, one has to learn from Ajay's life and decide what is important. Living the life in present or just building castles in the air- for the future that's so far away? 


Ajay has been working for the last two years. He is single and decides to invest his money. He goes to the only person he trusts with great advice and sits down with his father who has retired to a very comfortable life. He asks him to invest in buying a land and as the market rate will increase, the price would rise which would make his investment profitable. 
Ajay marries two years later. Priya and Ajay plan a holiday to Europe. It was their second time now. They have a great time and Priya also bought a pair of expensive bag she always wanted. 
They conceived on the trip and he sends her to the best hospital and they are blessed with a baby boy. He buys mutual policy for his son and already plans to send him abroad for studies when he grows up. This money would just multiply. 
He sells his land now. It's triples. He buys a Ford and invests the rest of the money in buying another land. 

Life is good if you take #Sachchiadvise 

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Interesting Facts About Your Favourite Brands- A Guest Post

Did you know?!

Authentic Birkin Beauty!
Jane Birkin is a gorgeous French actress that was the inspiration for the luxurious and expensive Birkin Line of the Hermes Brand. The story behind the bag is a scenario that could’ve happened to anyone. When Ms. Birkin was on a flight she bumped into the president of Hermes and began complaining about the very poor selection of handbags available on the market. Soon after some discussion, the Birkin collection was launched and a new era of expensive designer handbags had begun! Does this mean we should do a better job at expressing our complaints? Or maybe this is just proving to us how speaking our mind and being ourselves may get us more beneficial outcomes in life.

Minkoff Love’s New York!
Where does your mind go when you hear the phrase, “I Love New York”... Reality show? The big apple? Or maybe it goes to the famous “I love New York” T Shirts that became so popular everyone had to have one! Rebecca Minkoff is the creator of these Famous T Shirts which first appeared on The Tonight Show, in 2001, making them into an immediate overnight sensation. Minkoff’s designs, talent, and hard work has made her an industry leader in casual luxury handbags, accessories, and apparel. Who knows? maybe her designs will be featured in one of her husband's (Gavin Bellour) upcoming movies giving her brand even more visibility.

Brand Defining History!

Felix Rey is another sought after brand that designs bags, accessories, ect., by mixing vintage inspiration with modern sophistication. You can gain a sense that a unique and audacious originality would go into these designs when the name “Felix Rey” comes from the doctor who treated Vincent Van Gogh when he cut his ear off!! The co-founders of the collection, Lily Rafii Band and Sulaika Zarrouk, used themselves as the target audience when creating the luxurious yet accessible brand. You might know Lily as the wife of business consultant, Doug Band, who is a co-creator of the Clinton Global Initiative. Not that the political affiliations made a difference with their brand, but who would’ve thought that Van Gogh cutting off his ear would have?!

The Power of a Name!
Does the name Karl Anderson Jr. ring a bell?? On August 9th, 1959, Karl Anderson Jr. was born in Long Island, New York, to former model Joan Krystosek Kors and Karl Anderson. Karl Anderson Jr. changed his name, after Joan remarried, to Michael David Kors when he was just five years old!! When he was 23, he convinced formidable fashion editor Anna Wintour - then of New York magazine, now the editor of Vogue - to view his namesake collection, which helped boost his profile in the fashion world. Kors went on to become one of the most successful designers in the world. I believe it goes without saying that changing his name at a young age was probably the best decision of his life.

Content By: Adam King
Syracuse University

Monday, September 21, 2015

Guest Post- 5 Ways To make Your Vacation Dream Come True!

We all earn for that relaxing and rejuvenating vacation after a long hectic year. It's an escape from the otherwise long mundane life and a perfect break from monotony. Who would want to spoil that long awaited break? Planning, organizing, funding and packing for the same can be a royal pain filled hassles. Agreed? But it's time to break those norms as we help you navigate through it all effortlessly. With few simple tricks up your sleeve, vacationing will be all merry, like it's supposed to be.

1. Pack hack

Packing for vacation can be a big time stress generator. The preparation begins much before the D-Day. So many things to carry, you can't fathom what could possibly be left out with the eternal question "What if I do need it?" always circling your head. In the quest to perfect it, you tend to over-pack and seldom decide what to chuck. Prepare a basic packing list of all essentials and try sticking to it.

2. Accommodation blues

Accommodation is a major concern when traveling to a new destination. We all want that up-to-date yet cheap rooms which suit our needs. It's basically a home away from home, which makes it only natural for us to have a few expectations. Several companies such as OYO Rooms have pioneered in this field leaving a trail of satisfied customers. You can definitely give this a try.

3. Over-expectations overload

A vacation is meant to be for relaxation and acts as a stress-buster. While on one hand, planning and having a few expectations beforehand helps, on the other it could lead you to rain on your own parade. New places equals to new experiences. You can't always have control over everything. Sometimes, it's better to let life surprise and you'd be surprised by what's in store for you!

4. Abandon the travel hassles

Chuck the last time travel dilemmas. While planning the whole trip and going overboard might kill half the fun but when it comes to traveling, make sure you've got everything covered and not leave anything for the end moment. You can save money here too by using services such as Redbus coupons amongst others.

5. Fitting and adjusting
When in Rome, act like the Romans do! While you're in a foreign land, a little research beforehand will prove extremely handy. Get to know their basic culture and manners. A few things considered as a greeting in your land might be something offensive there! Even if it's for a few days, a little useful knowledge never hurts. So, go ahead! You probably have some catching up to do.

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Sunday, September 20, 2015

Diary Of A Mom- A Transgender Short Story

1996: I am a mother. No one can change my status. Unless I break away from my only child. My son, who wants to be something he is not. How can he suddenly become my daughter? I always wanted a son, a tough one, who would look after me when i grow old. Bring a beautiful wife home who would bear me grandchildren, but he is not going to follow the rules. He is going to become a woman who likes men. 

I come from a traditional Bihari family. I had a mother who married me off to the first man who saw me. He is alright I guess. The first time I saw him was on our wedding night. I didn't love him then but I had dreams of a beautiful life as all women do. He didn't love me either. Slowly but steadily our relationship fixated on our only son. I couldn't bear more children because of my cystitis. He never complained but I felt incomplete without a houseful of children. Debu, as we fondly called him. He grew up with the girls in the colony. I always found him playing with dolls and sometimes make-up that the neighbouring aunt had displayed on her dressing. It was adorable when he was 2 then alarming when he turned 8 and slowly I felt a loss of the son I once thought he was. He is 15 now. Already great with studies, only he is unhappy. I see it in his eyes. My husband is planning move away from this familiar neighbourhood I had so come to love. The only other family I thought was mine. 

2000:  Debu wants to study abroad. He already wears girly clothes, shaves minutely and has long hair. He also walks like a woman. It is a habit for me now. But my husband hates it. He is tired of yelling now. And the new neighbourhood is not suspicious yet. It was difficult to make friends at my age and the shame! I do not get out much at all. The kitchen becomes my havan but I don't like cooking at all. 

2005: I met Debu in a hospital. He tried to kill himself. His wrists were slashed and his face had thinned. The ridicule and the shame lingered in the air. He never got to go abroad and study. Instead he was left on the streets. We never looked back. The doctor recommended a psychologist and we told him, he is not mad. He just wants to be a girl. The doctor insists and we give in. The counselling starts as soon as he gets up from bed. My husband refuses to accompany him.

2011: Debu brings a boy home. His father died of a heart attack in his absence. I still didn't think about love when he passed away. It was a relief. And we still got the house. Deb continues to live with me now. He has applied for nursing. He gets rejected twice but he doesn't give in. I think life has taught him to be strong. He has seen more in life than i could imagine. Me? I just get out of home more often and kind of proud of my little Debu, who isn't little anymore. 

2015: Debu is a doctor now. I sold the house and moved in with my ageing parents. They do not mind and my mother is glad for some company. My daughter now specialises in inducing anaesthesia. I never thought she had it in her. But then I never thought I would say this. She lives with her companion, who is a professor in the University of Wisconsin. Debu still sends me money. It's more than I could spend but I keep it. 

The postman arrives. 

He gives me a heavy envelope. 

My Visa is here. I am to join my daughter soon. 

Friday, September 18, 2015

5 Reasons To See Tv On your mobile Via TataSky Transfer now!

The Past
I whip out the remote and finish the dinner wipe my hands on a a towel and sit on the sofa, turning on the TV. Says bah is on, i am getting into the groove when husband enters~
"The US open is going on".
When i look blankly at him, he says as if to explain, "It's Nadal and Fedrer playing!"
Obviously the remote goes to him. And then i am left alone to my own thing. It's usually when i join him watching it, not getting a thing about the damn thing. Who said a girl has to like sports to be feminist? I like my TV dramas a lot. 
So when TataSky introduces a new feature where you can record your shows and transfer them on your mobile, I found like my life was revolutionised! 
Here is why:  

Mobile Is all yours:

 You cannot vouch that about your TV. After all television is all about family. Your toddler wants to watch the tv or your mom in law wants to watch the latest serial. Your mobile will be yours and you don't need to share. So all you got to do is get the new TataSky Transfer and get going. Just record and transfer your favourite show or movie on your device. 

Avoid The Ads:

What we hate about good entertainment is the advertisements. No matter how cute it could be. The break is just a waste of time and you need to get other things done as well, so just use your mobile and forward all those wasted moments into quality time with your smartphone.

Travel made easy:

With increased travelling time, and road trips on my schedule because we just love our car so much doesn't mean that i have to wait for someone to talk or gossip to pass the time. With great features on Tatasky Transfer, you can watch them along the journey and just be yourself. 

Some Alone time:

Whether it's from your family or just work, you need your alone time too. To gather yourself, to just be, you can watch what you want to. I loved the series Grey's Anatomy and no one in my family likes English dramas. So, i whipped up my mobile (my superpower) used the Tatasky transfer and got it all recorded when I was out of the house. Evening when I am done with my chores, I just sit and relax with my favourite show. 

Sometimes you need to laugh:

Shows like Big Bang Theory, Friends, The New Girl, Happily Divorced, Bhabhiji Ghar par hai,  will always be a all time favourite. So instead of serials, I watch these to destress. And maybe no one else would get the joke but me. 

So really what are you waiting for? Follow the link to Tatasky Transfer and get your own shows and movies on your mobile. And enjoy them at your own pace. I found peace with the television, it is time to move on to my smartphone now.

Thursday, September 17, 2015

10 movies your toddler must see before he goes to school

Despicable Me 2

If you have a toddler who loves to see TV then switch off those disgusting cartoons shows now and download these adorable, life changing movies that will make your toddler engrossed and happy. Not all toddlers love all the cartoon movies, so don't force upon them what you like. Trust me, I tried all the Cinderella movies on him and he just disliked it so much. It will be great if you can carry a few on your iPad too if you are travelling. They make great companions and you can't really have the entire time entertaining him/her. 

A Bug's Life

These are the tries and tested movies that your child will love.

  1. Tinkle Bell and the Lost Treasure
  2. Cars 1 and 2
  3. Big Hero 6
  4. A Bug's Life
  5. Nemo
  6. Ice Age 1,2,3,4
  7. Despicable Me 1 & 2
  8. Toy Story 1,2,3
  9. The Croods
  10. Madagascar  3

If you know any other movies that your children like then comment below. I would love to add a few more. 

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Guest Post- Jabong Brings you Fall Fashion Trends 2015

Fall Fashion Trends 2015!
fall fashion 2015, fall dresses, trench coats, faux fur coats, evening gowns

Let’s face it. The most ‘emotionless’ season of all is here. Fall means a bit of everything. The hot summer winds have begin to cool down and the falling of leaves calls for a subtle somberness in the air. The mind is still not sorted over what to wear and what not to wear. You want to mix and match but then there’s no clarity. This is the space to enlighten you on how you can rock the Fall Fashion 2015, and that too just from home.

Get on with the program. Shop online and you’ll find some amazing options to cover up stylishly for the fall. offers famous clothing brands that’ll get you to protect yourself from the fall harshness while you look good too.
Bring in the 70’s vibe this fall. Create a nostalgic look with trench coats and statement jewellery. A sharp blouse, maxi skirt, belt, boots and a pair of cat eye sunglasses are all that you’re going to need. Don’t forget that red pout. Faux fur has also been spotted at international runways and would help the wearer to create a refined, classy look. Faux fur coats, pencil skirts and stockings would create just the amount of enigma you need for the fall.

The Fall can be as dreary for you as you want, but you can tackle it with bold colors, flowy silhouettes and a bang on attitude. Bomber jackets in colors other than the classic and boring dark shades would help bring that edge. Knee length boots are a must for this season. Ankle length booties are great for making a statement.
Maxi dresses, evening gowns and peasant tops would need a playmate for the Fall. Full sized coats would prove to be quite faithful. Straight or slim cuts are all fine but if you’re looking for mirror-cracking material type of stuff, then bring out your flared pants or denims. Chuck the old pullovers. Abstract prints and asymmetrical fits are in. You can manage to bring it all together with long-line coats in the end!
Formal coats and jackets in tweed are all about minimal effort and maximum impact, so make sure you don’t undermine their versatility. Chunky knitted stole and eclectic make up is good for the feels. An all in all black or white look would make your camouflage with what the Fall brings with it. So on days you feel like conforming, nothing like sporting a color a day!

There are a lot of accessories that you’ll be needing too. Try playing the ‘gentlewoman’ with a nice hat! You can bring in the color with printed or solid colored socks. Since it’s the Fall, layering is mandatory but then a clear picture of how to go about it is also essential.
There are a lot of accents that you can try but donning all of them together would be a fashion faux pas. The best advice would be to follow your instincts and always complement your personal style. Whenever in doubt, don’t forget to sport a smile with confidence!

Author Bio: Urja Bindal is a fashion writer associated with India’s leading e-commerce company. She likes to stay abreast of the latest fashion trends as well as the classic styles that have always been a favorite with women. This article is about the key trends that can’t be missed this Fall!