Sunday, January 31, 2016

Why Taking My Toddler To the Mall was the biggest mistake of my life?

Excuse the long title but I couldn’t shorten it anyway. The impact of a bad day is getting to me and when all I could think about during the sale season was to shop in peace, I forgot that I had my son along. Kids these days, I am going to rant now, are not the usual ones. They want to be entertained, to be cuddled and to buy as much as you want. My son has seen us shopping and he thinks he can pick up three to four toys together, like I buy dresses in a mall. Not only does this turn into an ugly cry-affair where I try to convice him that this is not a great choice for him or for his age, he just throws a tantrum. There are tears, people stare like I am really bad mother, He doesn’t let go of that big box of hot wheels and want more like a greedy tiny person. Inside I am in tears, I am wailing and believe me, I just want to go home without taking a thing home. But I really live far from the city and I gotta to buckle up and be brave.

I thought the icecream would quiten him but he giving those sad teary looks because I just don’t buy him anything. He is unhappy but takes the icecream, sulky but eats it all while I go to one shop and decide to pick up whatever I like first and just get the hell out of there. He keeps wailing in between- “I want a car, Hot Wheels big Box’ which means I need to shell out more money this month and since I already spent more than I should have for the month, I just don’t give in. I tell him that he needs to buy a smaller one or else no more toys.

Lucky for me the play park at the Mall is huge and has sand and jungle gym with kids like him are tearing in, oh I mean Playing. Parents are sitting and watching them in distance. They all looked dissastisfied with their shopping plan gone haywired like mine. But my son was happy then, not once did he ask for the toy. The moment it was time to go home, he remembered the toy he had to buy. He cries again and people look. I stare them back. I am getting hyperventialed because I just want to go home now. I somehow put him in the car and decide silently that shopping with him, never ever in life!

What I feel is that kids really do not need a Mall to be happy. The outing in the Mall is just a very wrong concept. Somewhere I read why they behaved in this way because they are put in an unnatural environment, not ready to sit and just wait. Patience is the thing for adults and not for toddlers.  A lesson well learnt but a painful day that I wont be able to forget for sometime.

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5 Books Every Toddler should Be Read to

I have always been in search for some books for my son and after trying several books, I have found these to be the best.  Although I could explore more since he almost four but I am pretty comfortable having these on his shelf right now. Some books come with CDs and you can play it with the pretty background music and dialogues that would be great once in a while. And if music is for the ears then words and pictures are for the eyes. 
Now if you want your toddler to develop the habit of holding a book to read and build a few new words every now and then then be sure to pick up these books with interesting theme and story line.

Shark In The Park by NICK SHARRATT: Children love aqcuatic fishes and the scarier they are, the more interesting they become. This is one such book where you will find a little boy who has just got a telescope for a present, exploring the park for a shark. So many times he think he found it but no such luck. The suspence in the end is good and gets a laugh out of my son every time. Add it to your collection for sure!

Peppa Pig: The series of Peppa Pig and the family are always on an adventure. They have something of the other going on in the family. They play in the snow or meet the Santa Claus, They have guests over and its so much fun to follow whats happening in their lives. I like all the books. Choose the themes that your child would be most interested in.

Green Eggs And Ham by Dr Seuss : Now this one I first heart it on Youtube and found it so refreshingly different.  Words like ‘Could Not, ‘Would not’, “Would you”, “Could you” and several other new words that you could teach your kids in a fun way. The grumpy cat doesn’t want to taste the green eggs and ham and keeps refusing. Does he actually have a taste in the end? How to teach your kids to try different things in life would actually put a smile on your face.

The Hungry Catepillar by ERIC CARLE: The little catepillar id really hungry and trying to find something to eat. Does he find something at last? And what happened in the end? He does eat a bunch of things that you could explain to your child and its great to know what hunger is.

Where’s Spot by ERIC HILL:  Sallly, the dog trying to find Spot. Who is spot? Why is she trying to find Spot? And words like UNDER, IN, ON, INSIDE, UP, all are very good to add in the vocabulary. You also come to know of different animals and learn their names.

The best time to read to your child is when he really interested in the books. It would be great if he picks the one he is interested in. Let me know if your kid reads any other books and I hope to check then out since more books are always welcome.

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Marriage and why it doesn’t work out

Its really not something that you could put a tag on and say that this is suppoed to work. “You are married and now deal with it”. If only that was the truth. We live in a society where tolearnce and patience has gone under the bridges. We cannot just wait for things to get better, waiting for him to smile, waiting for him to say ‘I Love You’, waiting for him to turn over for sex, waiting for him to hug you just for the heck of it. The woman who used to do this could be dead now or really really old. In short, we respect our husbands but we want more too from a relationship and that can only happen if you communicate. And if communication works in a way that sounds like an accusation then turning to another guy could be the biggest mistake of your life. Because you have to think about the conseuqnces not through those rainbow glasses.

Why does a man think he forgets about the woman he loved once so much? There is no psychological conclusions to it. An unhappy man who is not doing great at his job could be the reason or a very successful man with no purpose could be another. A woman who has give up her body or herself to her career than taking care to woo her husband is another reason. Her disstisfaction becomes suffocating until the couple breathe their last breath. The impact of  a loveless marriage reflects on your kids as well. Then you think about what the society will think- which is really a sad senario because people are more curious than concerened.

Admit it,  you have thought about another man, another woman, despite being married and that doesn’t really mean you are doomed in a marriage. You just need a breather. And that’s why we come to the legal term called Seperation and Divorce. It’s not a shameful thing nor are you doing injustice to your family. Once in a while its alright to give up and move on and that is the first step. And doing it the clean way will help your kids to adjust to the new life that you will head on from now on wards. Of course I see men moving out but I feel a woman need to move out from the place that holds memories and have a smaller place where you needent spend hours cleaning up.

Its not something you can stop it, if there is more compromise than love then its time to let go because you have years to live and you deserve to be happy. Even if that means letting go of that one person who had been partner all those years. But was never present.

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Saturday, January 30, 2016

5 peppy and fun sitcoms to see now!

If you want to know, I do not have a social life when I am away from my husband. I enjoy being a loner, stick to my writing and actually not meet unless they make an effort. Which I know, no one does these days. But to have some fun and peppy sitcoms to watch at home can actually unwind you. So here is the list of sitcoms you should watch.

Impastor: You have this conman in a small town where he finds people who believes in him to be this God man that he really isn't and thats the fun part. Unintentionally he helps people with his weird quotes from the Bible that is really made up in his mind.

Mike And Molly: Mellisa McCarthy is obviously a hit among all. And this sitcom about her relationship with her husband's mother and her family is really so funny that you actually get her. She does look kind of fantastic even with a little weight. The guy who's the husband does a pretty great job with comedy and this is going to be my all time favourite.

Dr Ken: Remember the guy from Hangover movies series? well, you can find him here with an adorable family and guess what, he is a doctor from Korea only very American! I love this guy because his quips are just amazing! His quirky family is another feather in the hat which I must say- makes me laugh a lot.

Fresh Off The Boat: This Chinese family is going to make you happy and how? well they just have the most adorable parents. The mother wants to be very-Chinese and follow the traditions while the father is more chill, caring and wanting his wife to keep off his territory so that she could find another hobby than pin pointing mistakes of his employees. Their sons also have an amazing part. More like Wonder Years, reminded me a lot of the soap but still it has a good story.

Best Time with Neil Patrick Harris: Now if you miss your Barney then here he is with some really interesting...wait for it...Legen-dary quips on his show. He invites random people for stories, really heartfelt and gives them amazing prizes and gifts. He also invites a celebrity to host for one show and its great with some music adding to it.

These are a few shows I follow and I love it for show good it makes me feel. Anyway sitcoms should be fun and not very difficult to deal with. And I think there is nothing wrong in watching tv
I do watch thriller once in a while but then I can make another list for that. Do let me know if you watched any of these. Perhaps we could share notes.

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5 Horror Movies You Have to See!

There are some movies that you will love and some you just cannot seem to forget, especially when you watch it all alone. The impact of these movies linger and not in a good way. But you did score if you watched it and didn't scream once. Or have other techniques like lowering the volume and patting yourself in the back for bearing it. In fact I get a high watching the spooky movies, each and every nerve in my body alive, waiting for the inevitable but that never comes, does it. You are always leading towards the unheard, unseen.

Exorcism Of Emily Rose: This is one movie that has a lot of mixed views. One believes that there is God and then there is evil. Emily Rose was actually a woman who had seven kinds of evil inside her. She even spoke ancient evil languages which scared the hell out of everyone. The movie is going to same to you.

The Conjuring: Again based on a true story, The Conjuring is about a large family living in a haunted house which has a history of mothers killing their offsprings. The history based on the owner long ago loved her property so much couldn't bear to see others living on it. Now I did go through it and the woman now living in the house says that its all fiction and she doesn't feel any presence. How true that is, you just have to see the movie to believe.

Jezebel: What happens when you find videos made by your dead mother, tarot reading your future? Its just going to scare the hell out of you! A lonely woman who has nowhere to go but to a father who hated her mother are both going to find some secrets that you could never guess. Full marks for keeping the suspense on.

The Insidious 2: The first chapter was interesting and you get to see a family that has the devil capturing your soul and its good. But what I loved about the second part as the woman who keeps following the man. The history is interesting and the ore I read about crazy mothers, the more interesting it gets.

Shutter: When you are a newly married woman and in a new city, you do not expect things to be weird. But it is. And she finds a woman who keeps following them wherever they are. Then she finds the camera in her husband's box and sees horrifying truth which makes her leave her husband. What is it? Two of his partners are dead and murdered with unexplainable evidences.

I have made a small list of movies I loved and can watch again. But the first time you watch it will be the best experience of your life.

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Ranthambore- Tiger Reserve (Travelogue)

A short get away from Jaipur is Ranthambore. (Naam to suna hoga?

And we planned a trip to this little city that gave way to a different outlook of life. We were staying at this beautiful resort that was built like a palace. But with navigation we could find the place in time. Its right on the main road and you would be pleasantly surprised with the grandeur they have painted the place. And we spent quite some time exploring the place and it just made the experience even more beautiful. A tip: If you want to enjoy your holiday stay in a really good place. Spending a little extra doesn't hurt at all if you leave a happy person. We had dinner at the terrace overlooking the gardens and with great music in the background had the most scrumptious languid meal after a long time. The staff were really nice and since the dinner's in the restaurant, they didn't mind giving us a little extra attention. 
Amazing view from the terrace

Magic Show
Waiting for the Tiger
With family

Good time with friends

There was a free dance show- Rajasthani folk songs and a magic show thrown in with the package which was very interesting because my son loved it so much. The next morning we got ready to see the Ranthambore Fort which is very near to the Ramthanbore Tiger Reserve- supposed to be the hunting ground of the Royalty there. The fort has a well known Ganesh temple and the climb is not tiring at all. In fact its a great walking place, show and steady. Since we booked a gypsy for our ride inside the Tiger reserve, we had to leave early. 

I enjoyed quite a bit of drama when I entered the Tiger reserve.  There were supposed be four zones where there were atlas four tigers in each. We were pretty excited to make trip there hoping to capture it in my cameras. The drive in the open gypsy was a fun ride with a lot of dusty ground covering our way. But the weather was superb in December and chilly too but with enough excitement oozing through our veins, we just went ahead for this adventurous ride. We spotted a lot of deers and wild boars but the tiger was yet to come in our way. Two hours of searching we were a little disappointed and really couldn't see the possibility of finding any. The driver though was confident that we would. There were a lot of tourists though and some really with big scary camera equipments. We even stood by the lake near by for an hour, you really aren't allowed to get down from the gypsy. But we did have a great time together with friends and thats all that mattered then.  

There isn't anything you could shop in Ranthambore and if you really want some Rajasthani handicrafts, i would suggest you check out the local shops. However, why not just drive a little more and shop in Jaipur? Its just a two hour drive and actually enjoyable if you are with good company. 

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Music And Love- Ek Choti Si Love Story- (Part 3)

If Tia knew that staying alone would be fun, she thought wrong. It didn't seem like a bad idea at first moving in with Viaan but boy, could he be more clear that he didn't need space. She had seen him roaming in boxers in the morning, making her breakfast when she came home late from work or even ordering a take-out when she really didn't eat because she was too lazy to cook dinner. She wanted to be all by herself or at least that what she wanted to convince herself. she couldn't admit that his presence was bothering her big time. He even played the guitar, the music putting her in trace at times. 

His musky scent, the after shave he used, how his lips moistened when he had coffee and how his breath, so warm blew in her ear. He was really too close for her peace of mind.

"You look thoughtful today", he commented. He looked like he had all the time in the world and sometimes he even worked from home- staying home in that bloody boxers that showed off his long toned legs.

"I am thinking about getting together with friends"

"That's great. You should. After all its been a long time that...".

"Look Viaan", she interrupted, "Just be a roommate and stop being my mom, okay? I know when I have to meet my friends", she bit her lip feeling a blush coming on. She didn't want to be rude but he made her do that.

He looked taken aback too, "Of course. I'll back out. Like always".

"Why are you so interested in my life?"

"Because we are friends. We fight because we have to show how much we care. But you would never understand".

"", she did, in her own way.

"Are you still pissed that I didn't kiss you that night?"

Now it was her time to leave. This conversation was just getting out of hand.

"That was a year ago, Viaan. And I was drunk".

Via wished they could talk about it, "But not so long ago", he had sweet memories of it, "You know what you need...", he was getting up and suddenly very close. She was still in her sleep shorts and when he pulled her closer, she didn't think about pulling back, "You seem so bitter lately".

"Well, I am getting older", she didn't really think so but yes, it did suck to be alone. 

"You will always be that little girl who gave me an umbrella when we were lost on our way to school".

"Viaan...", he came from a modest background and she knew that they couldn't afford even a raincoat back in those days. She, on the other hand came from a business family, "I was glad to borrow that. I love the rain anyway".

"Can I borrow a kiss now?"

"What...", she was breathing unevenly, "You said we shouldn't do it", in fact he couldn't be clearer. The way he had been rough with her, demanding that she go home and get it out of her system.

"I was a fool. I thought I was protecting you. In fact thats what I wanted for years...since the day you turned fifteen I guess".

"Hormones?" she giggled because his fingers were tracing a pattern on her lips.

"So many", he muttered, "I am having an attack of it right now. Kiss me?"

She pecked him softly and then when he smiled, they kissed tasting each other for long, knowing that this was something that was inevitable. 

The childhood sweetheart that was always the love of her life was now in her arms. 

(The End)

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Music And Love- Ek Choti Si Love Story (Part 2)

The washroom was empty. And spacious. Enough for her to puke her brains out. Tia didn't know what was wrong with her. Until she saw Viaan. The man she had been friends with all her life. Hell, she even remembered showering with the garden pipe together after the holi celebrations. How old were they? Nine right?

"You can't handle alcohol. How many times have I told you?"

"And how many times have I asked you to back-off!" Tia couldn't talk. She chocked. And when the slimy vomit was out of her mouth and stuck in a really bad way, she wished the earth swallowed her.

"Here, have this", And she felt cool water washing her queasiness away, He pushed her hair away and she felt his palms wiping away the tears.

Was she crying? She didn't realise it.

"I am not crying".

"Okay", then he was pulling her closer, hugging her in the most natural way. As if they had never fought and never been angry at each other, "You don't have to let your mom get to you".

"You know how she is". He knew that. A home body all her life, she had a difficult time letting her only daughter go. In a way Tia held on to her parents the same way. Had they not fought about it several times?

"You had this much in London, last time we went clubbing".

"I went clubbing. You just followed me".

He laughed and looked into her eyes, "You looked ravishing in that black dress. And heels. Who can forget the heels!"

"You pervert! You always had a thing for women in high heels", she could laugh now, his embrace felt comforting.

"You know what? I will help you move in".

"There's a great one bedroom flat thats empty in my building".

She frowned at him, "In your building. That will cost me a bomb", she knew that he has been earning well in that software company. Earning more then her with the trips he kept taking abroad, "And I just want something simple".

"Move in with me. I have a three bed apartment and its just wasting away", when she didn't answer he insisted, "We could get back to practising music again. remember how much you loved though peppy numbers on guitar?"

"You are a better singer than me", she admitted and the memories started warming her up, "I will think about it".

"It will be cheaper you know", he grinned innocently, "Since you just have to pay minimal rent".

"Okay okay...tomorrow I'll tell you. My mom will kill me if she knows that I am living with you".

"As friends", he added quickly and let her go. Suddenly everything seemed so bright and beautiful.

The music got loud outside and he felt like dancing on a tune or two. His plan was coming to form. 

(To be continued...)
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Music And Love- Ek Choti Si Love Story (Part 1)

“Oh look he is here again”.

Two very wise aunties sat at a very conspicable space, eyeing the crowd with such minuteness that it would scare the hell out of anyone out there. Especially when they were trying really hard to find a groom for Tia, their beloved grand daughter.

“You mean he still attends all the weddings of the family”.

“Duh!” Sharmila, the elder one rolled her eyes, “I saw him at his cousin’s wedding last year. And this is his brother’s wedding. Why would he miss that?”

“Unless he still has feelings for our Tia?”

“Oh please, keep them away. The last time they fought, Tia had almost ripped the poor man’s hair. And Viaan had left immediately”.

“He didn’t harm the girl, did he?”

“No. He is not the voilent types. At the most he yells. That’s his thing but its pretty scary”, she shuddered at the memory when the boy had given her a piece of his mind.

“And still he is here”.

“So is Tia. She could have avoided this situation”.

“Its her best friend. Come on. I am sure they even shared a cigarette at one of those slumber parties they had”.
And the boys were caught watching them. Tia and Viaan shared a long history. They were neighbors, studied the same school, played music together, went abroad together and then came back angry at each other. Everyone had almost imagined how their wedding was going to be. Only it didn’t happen. They ended up hating each other.

“Its common to be angry with men. They are such assholes at times”.

“You have been widowed long back, Sharmila”, Kammo was trying to sound wiser, “I have been married for bloody 50 years. The man just ate my brain by his constant pesturing. In fact now that I remember those times, I prefer Tia to be single. All her life. And smoke cigarettes”.

“You are a terrible Nani”, Sharmila whispered, “Anyway from what I heard, Viaan is seeing someone. And he plans to marry her”.

“Viaan is not a believer of marriage, he would do without it, if he gets what he wants”.

“Come on. He is not a playboy”.

“But he does have a reputation of helping women out and that pisses off Tia”.
They could see them eyeing each other. And sighed with impatience. It was just love waiting to happen. Another wedding in the house will be so exciting!

"Viaan, how good to see you!" A lovely woman in her late 20's hugged him and he backed away, feeling awkward, "Why, still the shy guy!"

"Come on, Reena, you know thats not it. Your husband's watching".

"So? Let him. He doesn't know how much you have helped me in life. You are like a God to me", she hugged him again and he rolled his eyes. 

"I need to get a drink", he slid away from her tight embrace and went to the open bar. This was the good thing about being at a Punjabi wedding. There was always liquor. 
And Tia. 

"Who was that?" Tia looked flushed and relayed pissed at something. If he thought about it, he was really pissed at her too. And boy did that hair was supposed to fall off her bun like that? What if he just tried to pull them up?

"A friend. We worked together".

"Just worked?"
He was distracted with her hair. She had some gold highlights done and it looked amazing on her. She always glowed that way. 

"Why are you drinking like its your last day?"

"I fought with mom about moving out".
That was news!

"Don't look at me like that! I am 28 and earn pretty well. I do think I need to live by myself once in my lifetime at least".

"Hey am I even arguing?"

" have that look in your eyes..."
Her Kajal was getting in the way. She really did need to hang out in the washroom and get straightened out. 

"Lets' go", he whispered in her ear and she shivered. 

(To be continued...)

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