Sunday, July 31, 2011

One Sunday evening

A place so small yet so many interesting shots that I could never have got living in a city. I have an eventful evening with my dearest hubby taking me around in our car, soaking in the beautiful sites that really have no tourists coming for attractions. Yet I see the little mountains, the setting sun and fall in love with being alive... 

 The Road not taken
 "Yeh shaam mastani"
 We are coming back to this place for a picnic (SOON)

His flavorMine (coz I am a girl and
I end up loving pink)

Still his (I wish i cud get a bite)

The wilderness around
 Goodbye sun, I really wanna break up with you. See you in summers
Admiring (Like you girls never do it!) :D

Saturday, July 30, 2011

If fashion could make a breakthrough

Since the blazers have come into vogue, I have this urge to looks into my vintage wardrobe (that really means old clothes) and make a very own style statement.
I have the jeans, the navy blazer but where can get the figure please? 

Friday, July 29, 2011

Fauji's house - Sequel

 These you always find in a Fauji's house (no they dont lie around for long)
 The new place with new setting (I just loved decorating this one)
Furniture courtesy MESS
The huge Guju Jhoola: A gift from my lovely parents who didn't have enough space to put this thing :)
Thats our wedding pic at the center of the wall
People say this is the initial pic that we always love (I dunno if the kids might occupy the space later)
Always my favorite space. My own little meditation.
Mandir: Kishangarh (Ajmer)
Yellow side table: carrying since got married :)

Samode Haveli - The Era forgotten

Not many living in the heart of Jaipur must have heard of Samode Haveli that is situated only 45 kilometers from the north of the city. 'Haveli' is an understatement because as the history goes this belonged to the zamindars of the state of Amber. 

As a visitor I got the privilege to see the inside of this marvelous structure. To be acknowledged do make a pre-booking to get a reservation. The haveli's royal pandit was our guide and he showed us the glasses room and the Durbar. The pieces of furniture so unique and the concept so well thought. 

There are the intricately handpainted pictures of Hindu Gods, some picturizing the mythology of when Lanka was made of pure gold.

  The darbar inside and all is hand painted
 The Puppet show organized for the visitors
  Inside of Samode

 Our dinner arrangements
the birthday girls

the view from outside

What you would love about this place its just beauty everywhere and serenity because very few people come here. If you are an history buff and love taking pictures then this is the place for you. I feel transported to this place as soon as I think about it and so lucky are those who lived here.

However since Feb 2011 there is entry fee both for the Samode Haveli and Bhag. But I did go in April for my birthday and except for the dinner and the complimentary cake we really didn't get to pay anything more. The dinner is not cheap either so either be loaded or carry your credit card. Somehow you wouldn't regret a penny!

 And it felt wonderful celebrating something here because the ambiance will get to you. Since me and my sis in law share a birth in the same month we had a double celebration. Well, the food is what you make of it. Its expensive and the portions are small. so don't go with the intention of eating full. You sure can take your special one here for a great evening date (because the lights are just simply amazing) or your family for a get together. It feels nice and cozy and a good time to share some history of your own. 

Thursday, July 28, 2011

My experience becoming a Published writer

Looser thoughts: Yes, I had given up already.
There were times when writing I would stop and wonder just "WHY am i writing?"

The introduction: It was the time of my life when I was sipping tea at the Mess and whenever people asked me what I did (for living I mean) I brushed away the question and asked them about themselves (and you know how people love to talk about themselves). My husband said "She's a writer", My dad said, "She's a writer", My sisters, my mom all had the same thing to say. And I wished they would just say nothing. According to me writer was a very renowned status given to someone who is published, known and appreciated/critiqued. 

The intervention: The market was booming with books by Indian writers and I knew I wasn't bad at writing myself. I was reading an article about a writer published at the age of seventeen (i won't be taking names here) and got inspired to do some editing for the time being. I was naive when it came to knowing the publishing industry and except perhaps Penguin and Rupa I knew none. Of course it never came to my mind that there are smaller publishers who are ready to give young writers a chance. I was one of them. I browsed the internet for all the small scale publishing houses and found many. I sent many emails too. Excited about the prospect. Many would hate this process-but I loved it. I knew that there is someone out there who was reading my novel, thinking about it and making a decision. 

The dream coming true: Yes, I was accepted by many publishers (not naming again) but I choose Mahaveer. That was the first email I got and I jumped with joy. Who knew I would see the day when my novel would be in stands?
It did take a lot of time because publishing is no joke. There is editing, final editing, book cover, the acknowledgments, the synopsis all being reconsidered but its all worth the wait. Till then just keep writing another one because it will just drive you crazy to wait.

How LOVE ME IN THE END was born? The six month long wait was over. I had LOVE ME IN THE END in my hands and people talking about it too. Its a great feeling to know that "Yes, you have done it!" 

P.S: If you care for more information about my novel check out any leading websites like- Amazon, snapdeal and so on and so forth.

And by the way you want to know what I do?

I am  writer :)

Rain rain come again...

I feel a strange unstoppable urge to just go out and play in the rains. Yea those were the childhood urges but I just feel so good that I still feel the same. And i get this happy feeling of doing something so fantastic in the world (even though it wont make a difference) but who cares! Its rainy season guys. Time for magic to fill in the gaps.
Isn't it just a combination of Gods - Fog and Rain? That makes a bad day beautiful and a hard week wonderful?

 On our way to the Dam
These pics are taken on my way to Dalhousie. We couldn't really go all the way but touched till Ranjeet Sangar Dam and the view is simply breath-taking. You see the little mountains and it such a treat to just drive through it all. 
Then my marvelous husband brought some tea and pakoras (I forgot about the diet thing) and we had it in the car. I think that was just the most wonderful way to spend Sunday morning.
A view of Ranjeet Sagar Dam from above

11 things to know if you are an Army Wife

  1. Get a new wardrobe
  2. The wardrobe should have more sarees and that means all kinds of sarees (from North to south, east to west)
  3. Have an attitude makeover (This won't be like your college campus where you can have your say)
  4. Repeat with me "Yes Mrs....", "Yes Mrs..."
  5. You no longer have a first name (Thats only for your husband to call)
  6. If you are the junior most wife then make sure you learn all the surnames by heart and forget yours for a while
  7. Yes, you are participating in everything
  8. The dal chawal routine won't do. Apart from that you got to know how to make Chinese, Continental and authentic foods from the place you come from.
  9. Dessert is not just icecream. Tipsy pudding is the thing. And yes, baking is important.
  10. Everyone has a qualification, yours is just being an Officer's wife.
  11. Forget about parties that you have seen in your bachelorette days. Here you just sit in your finest of sarees and drink Fresh lime.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Lately I have been into reading all those blogs that have hooked me for hours. I cant sleep, eat or do anything without wanting to just soak it all up. My husband peeps into my laptop late at night, shakes his head bemusedly and then goes back to his sweet dreams. The only time I am actually aware of my life is when I realize I have another human being living in the house and I gotta cook.

What intrigues me about the blogs is their versatility to make their daily lives into such wonderful account of adventure. Living in a small town one begins to wonder if this is what makes up for the lack of excitement in their lives. Or perhaps the unexciting prospects of mine. It makes up for all the times I would like to go window shopping in a mall, have expensive coffee at Barista and perhaps catch a movie at a multiplex (where the AC's working). In desperation I Google :Things to do in a small town (Yes, I am a die hard fan of Google and believe in its magic powers). And find somehow inane things that I really am too lazy to do. If its getting together then its just because people come home for free food and entertainment (Are they as bored as I am?) But then Army is a funny organization. It toughens you up, makes you immune to things like this one, places like this one and people like this one.

Now where is that blog I was reading...?

Blogs I am reading:

I think all (and i mean ALL) are good. Its is something a writer wants to share and make the other realize how important it for life to exist.

Do send me a link if you have a blog and if not why not start one?

Saturday, July 23, 2011


Late night and seriously when the by play of words goes on and I stay awake like a little owl that never wants to see the sunshine, I had a dream to just get out of my safe little haven and do things that make sense in this life. Perhaps take a holiday and go to an exotic place that makes me want to come back such good memories that I forget people I never want to think about again. It makes me really mad to think that i co-exist with people who only care about themselves and make others life a living hell. Or perhaps they sit in their comfortable chairs planning, smirking and thinking they are just so smart to do things that could rattle up the peace. Honestly, they are just lying to themselves and making things worse for themselves. Where would all the respect go that they think they deserve?

Days at the end when life will kick them hard on their rightful place I get to think (or maybe smirk) at them. Right now perhaps with all the cursing done from my side (And a lot from others as well) i end my session with crib and live life the way i want to live. Or will it be the other way around where i compromise (as usual) and become someone I am not?

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Why Writer's Block is a myth?

Writing is easy.

No, I am not saying that usual, soon-to-be-published kind of writing but yes when you are a writer by profession   the only thought comes to your mind is writing another book and somehow get this one to the best selling list. "Perhaps make it better than the one I had written before". A great thought indeed but it puts all the more pressure on your writing skills. Slowly, you make your way into the blank world of blank pages and the more you write then more the papers gets crushed and thrown into the bin (or in my cases all around the floor). The more plots you conceive, the more you hope that 'This is the one' but it doesn't happen overnight or rather it could be that 'Eureka' moment when you actually sit down and type the words out. 

The writer when suffering with the 'blank-page syndrome' should just feel more than you write then. You can only write if you are immensely happy or immensely in pain. And such emotions actually help you in making great dialogues and great scenes as well. So, sit down, think about that moment when someone broke your heart, someone who hated you or vice-versa, someone who made your life miserable, someone who gave your first kiss...

Still the fever on?
I once heard from a wise guy that writing a journal helps. The daily chaos in one's life always makes you want to vent out and could be onto something. Pen is a powerful tool and forever your friend. It doesn't give opinion but just writes the way you want it to. So, make an attempt to write at least thrice a week about your day and how you felt. You never know you can come up with a great plot by just referring to it. 

Without suffering and pain lies a very thing of tolerance. However as life takes another way out I see a hazy picture of myself somewhere beyond infinity and the path gets slippery...