Tuesday, April 16, 2013

FIRST LOOK- A Soldier's Love Story

So here is the first look of A SOLDIER'S LOVE STORY.

Gopalpur On Sea...(Goa in orrisa)

Not in a million years you could guess that orrisa had a beautiful sea and the surviving population has fishing as their prime sorce of income. But then lets just het on with the attractive things it has to offer than the geographic mapping.

Gopalpur is away from the crowded city life of the capital and lies literally on sea, hence the
Name. The lighthouse is the main attraction with hoards of people coming in to witness the history behind this unique structure. The beach is filled with the local crowd. Women, old and young splash around on long kurtis/pyjamas,  sarees lifted demurely above the feet and the signature round bindi framing their faces. Men will be men. Some even make do without the hassle of clothes.  The vendors selling JHAAL MUDI and COFFEE is a treat for the empty stomachs. Its cheap and appetizing. Prawns, fish fry, idli vadas, samosas are some other snacks they offer. Its upto you to choose.

Sunday is grand.  Cultural show is usually a part of it. Odhisi dances and plays fill up ypur evenings. There is usually a mad rush of people and you have to be a little early to get a seat. Toys, balloons and coffee will make your evening a pleasant outing.

Its no wonder that its a popular tourist destination now. Though it lacks the facilities that will attract a good number of people.

Places to stay: Resorts like Swosti and Mayfair are expensive options but the safest.

How to reach: You can fly to Bhubaneshwer and take a taxi to Gopalpur On Sea. The roads are superb and you will enjoy a great drive with your family.

Shopping: Bangles made of Couch, Drape dividers made of shells, Shell mirrors, junk jewelery to look like a true beach body.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

A lifelong series of hardships...

In love everybody are the same....their emotions run high and expectations frm your partner increases each coming day. But what if yourself wife's hiding a secret? And when you become a part of that secret, you blame yourself everyday...some tragedies should never happen.
Ranjeet is sharing this secret with his wife, yet she trusts no man. Career becomes a safe haven for her to forget the sadness and she opens a boutique JASLEEN CREATIONS. Now going back with her husband just for pretence and create an aura oof a happy marriage is killing her...
What happens....you have to read my upcoming novel A SOLDIER'S LOVE STORY to know that...

Monday, April 8, 2013

My second novel...and the romance begins again

I begin this year with celebrating the release of my upcoming romance novel....A SOLDIER'S LOVE STORY

I'll keep you posted for more...
I got the bok cover and its a gorgeous one....check the link for more info....