Thursday, January 30, 2014

Marriage- deal or no deal

Marriage after a long long time has come to my mind that really diminishes the romance in your life. you are in the mode of a trance before the legal certificate is out and it only makes you a pawn of the societal sacrifice. It is a beautiful because then all the celebrations, the clothes, the food and the people, the music just drives you crazy. You feel like a celebrity and you the most importance person of the day. Your husband looks like the prince in the shinning armor and you feel like princess Samyunkta where you will be carried away in the arms of a very dashing Prithiviraaj-like character.

The reality sets in.
The house to manage, the maid that comes late and takes vacations in time of need, the bills and the important documents that never are found in time, the TV subscription always seems to show the last date, the breakfast-lunch-dinner pattern sets in and going out only seems like a waste of money. The sex becomes a chore- who will be on top is questionable now.

What women actually think.
Obviously when we see a new bride, all we think of all the sex they must be getting. It only makes us wish that we want to be in her place. obviously she would get to sleep late and the husband will wake her up with sweet kisses, all day long she would just read magazines, the food would automatically be cooked and the maid would be like the fairy Godmother.

What the man thinks.
At last someone to take place of my mother. Here is someone who would give me home cooked meals, she would wake up early (around five-ish) and finish all the housework and make excellent three course breakfast for me. The sex obviously is a perk. But then she is there-always there. So that thing can wait.

But then to be clear. This is not what happening in every marriage. I see happy couples everyday. But then i see them adjusting to the fact that they are willing to take eachother's mistakes and turn them around.  Fights are the worst thing you could do. Pointing fingers is just a bad strategy. Cheating is a bad idea. Communication is your best friend. And you can expect the magic of love happening.

With marriage and all.

Sunday, January 26, 2014


Hello its Valentine's Day, 
where Feburary is seasoned as the month of love, 
where heart meets  the other and beats for one another.
Hand holding and fingers entwining,
The head of his shoulder- the most solid support
That stray strand of hair falling over her eyes,
Looks like the most beautiful thing of all.

Teddys and red roses,
Diamonds and chocolates- they all seem like the perfect gift.
But the gift of love is what leaves permanence.
So why not give your love a book of love today.
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Saturday, January 18, 2014

What NOT to say to MOTHERS (Part 1)

Its that phase of life when you need to just shut up and not make assumptions about the mothers who are raising their children.
Maybe you care. Maybe you just don’t have another topic to talk about.
SO here’s the list.
1.       Is he Hungry? Why not…(And you become an expert suddenly)
             If the baby is hungry, the mother would know automatically. One cannot leave the little one ravenous but suggesting to breastfeed? Seriously? Noone has the right to talk about boobs in public. Even if it’s a mother’s.

2.       Did he do potty? (And why make him wear a diaper?)
                      Diapers are a personal choice. You can put the cloth ones or the plastic ones but they are going to be there till the mother feels comfortable with the whole training system. There is a thing called diaper rash cream. Its being used. And obviously they are changed when supposed to. You would also have been bought in diapers if your mother had the choice. So being an independent thinker, I’ll make the decision.

3.       Why is he so thin? (And don’t you give him this and that?)
If it was possible, every mother would stuff her child and make him chubby. Who wouldn’t like a Johnson’s and Johnson’s baby ad look alike? But every baby is different and every body is different.  You giving a list of things is not going to change things. A mother already has an encyclopaedia of things that is good for the baby. She has tried and mostly failed to get it inside her little one. So you harping about it just makes her feel worse.
Why doesn’t he speak words? (And you become a teacher suddenly)
Believe me, when the child says its first word, the mother is always around to hear it. In fact she would pull it out of him. Mamma should be the first word yet she insists on him saying papa first.  But the expectation of a genius child who talks like a pro from you is just plain insulting.  The blah blah suffices as long as the child can communicate.
    She has already began to say this…(Oh, the other baby…whom I would never meet)

Comparing children is somehow the favourite pastime for several people. And this is not a competition of who is better. A child is unique. He will learn things in his time. So let him be and not make him a part already of our big bad world.