Thursday, April 30, 2015

The Tree Of Knowledge- A Short Story

The only time Bhalu thought that it was okay to stay back in the fields was when he was expecting Rewari to come his way. She was a beautiful girl. Her sun kissed cheeks, those eyes that crinkled as the sun stared openly, her lips dry with walking all day to reach the school only to come back dragging her feet behind, her legs tired of walking for five kilometers to reach home. But he liked that she stopped by his field for a drink of water. Sometimes he even had fruits that he hid from his father's sight. Those ripe mangoes were just right for his Rewari. Though she didn't like talking. Only those blank stares when his eyes went inadvertently to her breasts. The only time he actually got a closer view to them. But her school uniform just made it impossible for him to actually imagine them any further.
Image source: UNICEF

"Why are you so late today?" he asked as he pulled out the earthen pot for her to drink.
"Baba said, I can't go to school now".
It was upsetting to hear the news. She already lived far away from his fields. Now she would never come his way.
"You should insist then if you really like going to school".
For the first time she looked at him, than through him, "Why didn't you ever go to school?"
School wasn't for him. Even his parents knew he was dumb. But he was good at farming. He worked very hard for it.
"I like being a farmer. And the fields won't take care of themselves".
"I am going for high studies to the city. It's the tenth boards and I really want to take it".
That sounded too intimidating for him.
"And then what do you want to do?"
"Maybe apply for a job. Depending on what I am studying. I like math".
Too complicated for him. But at least she was smiling at him. He smiled back. Is it the right time to hold her hand?
"Do you think we could be friends?" She sounded eager, "I like that you want to know what I want".
"But I want to be more than friends...", he couldn't stop at being just that, "I want to marry you".
She dropped the water, "And stay with you as a farmer's wife? What about school?"
"You can study after marriage".
It was a lie. She knew that. But at least he was desperate enough to do that.
"I have to go".
He stopped her by holding her arm. It wasn't supposed to be a tight hold but it hurt. Surprised by the move, she wriggled out of it.
"You have to answer me now".
"No! I don't want to marry an illiterate like you".
She didn't look back.
She just ran. Ran like her life depended on it. Talking to boys wasn't encouraged in her village but she had always looked forward to some rest on her way home. Now she was afraid to even go to school. The one place she loved. And what will happen from tomorrow anyway? Her father would marry her off and her life would be finished.

The next day she sneaked out of her house determined to attend her exams. It was her ticket to freedom. The boy's village came on her way but he was missing. She sighed with relief and wondered why the tree was so crowded.
The boy's lifeless body hung from the tree, his color blue and his shabby clothes torn of his body.

"He was depressed last night and just disappeared into the night", was what she heard when she tried to eavesdrop.

Before she could reach the school, her father was waiting for her. His face red with anger and some other cousins looking equally peeved. She hung her head and before she could say something felt a blow on her head.

"You will listen to your father". "You are a woman, A woman listens!"
And the last she thought that crossed her mind was the puppy love of the boy who gave up his life because she broke his heart and maybe she was soon going to meet him soon.

As per Copyright act of 1957 

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Friends Or Lovers

Image source: Internet
Having survived, co-ed schooling and Masters, I finally gave up on having friends who were boys. But as the universal truth goes, why can't a man and a woman be friend? Why does it have to involve anything else than just being there for each other? Thanks to our movies, we get that hormonal problem in us that prevents us from seeing men as anything else than prospective boyfriends. Maybe our society looks at a group of girls and guys and think they all could be couples hanging out. But why look at it that way at all when they could just be classmates or colleagues just out to have fun.

Somehow its still unbelievable that they won't get attracted to each other at some point in life. Facing the facts, you will still have some guys who will like the way you look and your career prospect suits her in the longer run but how long can you actually stay friends?

Now, married and years later, I do have friends who are men, platonic because well, I know- they know nothing is ever going to happen because we all have survived relationships and are just looking for someone to talk and relate to. Some of them are my husband's colleagues who are nice to me, keep their distance and we do share a drink or two whenever we meet.

I am a fan of South Indian movies because they could show that love and friendship are two different things. Take the movie Happy Days that came some years ago. It portrays human emotions in an engineering college in such a sweet way that you would wish that you had a college life like that. Honestly you really don't need to learn the language (Telugu) to see the story that revolves around it.

Baapu Bazaar- Street Shopping In Jaipur

Jholas, Bags
Since I keep going to the city once or twice a year, Jaipur has become my kind of place to shop. You can make a huge list of things that you could get from the place and if you have the bargaining skills of a champ then you can spend very little and go home with heavy shopping bags.

Some of the places I always end up going is Bapu Bazaar because its just so easy to walk into the well built pavements where no vehicles crowd you. There is a great parking space just opposite where you could just leave your car safely and forget about it for a few hours.

If you are a fan of tradition and colors then there is a huge list of things that you could get here. You could be confused for a while of what to get but the colors will lure you and you will just have such a good time here.

laakh Bangles 
The mehendi wala sits around where you could get your henna decoration done. And who said you needed an occasion for mehendi. For Jaipur, every day is a celebration of colors.  There will be food stalls serving the chat that we all love, coconut water, so you won't exactly go hungry while spending sme serious time here. So have fun shopping!

Lamps and ash trays

Kick knaks like key chains, pens for your desk
Trendy bangles made of cloth

Jutties and chappals for everyday wear

Monday, April 27, 2015

5 Best Restaurants in Jaipur

I love food as much as I love travelling and one thing I do explore about a place is its food culture. If you really want to know the core of any city then eat away in glory and do not count calories. And forget about searching for the fast food options, here is just enjoying the city as much as the food here. And Jaipur will gives you so many options, you have to pick and choose. 


If making breakfast in the morning is not your thing then go ahead and head to this very interesting mix of restaurant. The entrance is lovely and will give you a homely feeling, maintaining the look of a road side tea stall. The elegant woodwork and the amazing view of the Central Park will give your morning a swift kick start. The menu that we ordered was a bowl Maggie, Beans on Papad, Aloo paranthas, paneer paranthas, masala omlette and lots of chai. The menu might confuse you in the beginning if you are used to the usual Indian menu. You will usually find jogger coming down here for fresh light breakfast.

WHERE | 43, Tonk Road, Everest Colony, Lal Kothi, Jaipur

CONTACT | 0141 410 1712
Cost of per person| 300 rs


This is place where you get Pyaz Ki Kachori and I mean the best ones! Its always a best time to get this quick snack on your way too. And its costs only 8 Rs a piece. There will always be a good crowd at the counter but the wait isn't long. There is also a restuarant that serves traditional rajhasthani food- Dal Bhaathi Churma. The food is a little spicy for m

WHERE| Station Rd, Sindhi Camp, Jaipur

CONTACT| 0141 236 1535


At the center of the shopping area, Handi is the best place to fulfill your non-vegetarian cravings. Their butter chicken is really good, if you want a personal recommendation. The setting is given of a mud house that seen in villages and the crowd is pretty decent too.

WHERE|  Maya Mansion, Opp GPO, MI Rd, Ashok Nagar, Jaipur

CONTACT|0  141 237 2275
Cost per head| 200rs


This is how you celebrate royalty in Jaipur. And we choose this place to celebrate my husband's birthday. Steam literally means a train that was a personal carriage of the royalty of Rajhasthan. The train reminded me of the movie The Burning Train but of course the good part of the movie. And you could either book the coupe inside if you love to sit inside the train and eat or outside if you like the view of the palace of Rambhag. Almost everything we ordered so good. Though I would avoid the soups because the shorbas are not that appetizing. Do try the chicken wings, they are juicy in the KFC style.

WHERE| Taj Rambhagh palace, C Scheme, Jaipur


100 % Rock

If you love great food and music together then this is the place for you. Not exactly for a family this place serves some really good food. The college crowd is forever here till late in the night and if you like some time away for yourselves then come here to eat and dance the night away.

WHERE| HOTEL SHIKHA, R-14, Yudhishthir Marg, C-Scheme, Behind Secretariat, Opposite Deer Park, Jaipur

CONTACT| 080036 01234

Here are some of the places you could enjoy while visiting the place. And don't forget to reach out for more than you bargained for, After all holidays are for fun, not for rules!

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Share The Load

“I am writing for the #ShareTheLoad activity at in association withAriel.”

When you come to the Indian mentality of how women despite working have to take care of the laundary, well it's true. That's what men expect from their wives. The tag 'wife' makes a woman suddenly grow up from that carefree teenager/ girl to a very responsible woman who has the duty of pleasing her husband- and laundry comes first. I like the idea of women once in a while forgoing this in exchange of other activities- say like bungee jumping. I know, its laughable, but who knows what wonders it would do the relationship if the husband actually helps out with the load of those unwashed clothes.

Having a washing machine is perhaps the greatest boon to any man out there. And also a woman. I think that solves half the problem too. I do find my husband doing things for me in a small way. No he doesn't really dig in deep when it comes to laundry, but once in a while he does hang the clothes outside or wash his own when I am in a hurry to go out. It does goes a long way in making us happier than most self depreciating couples. But its not only laundry, its the battle of every household chore that needs equal sharing. And it really doesn't make you less of a man by giving your wife a hand. I remember having a simple meal of bread a omelette made by my partner because I had to go out for work.  It really meant a lot than all those promises of moon and the stars. I also believe that I work equally hard at home, in keeping my child clean, happy and entertained while my husband works outside. And it's a tiring thankless job. So I really love it when I get my time while my son goes out to play in the evening with his dad. It's his share of helping me out and loving me. Sometimes saying those three words doesn't matter. It's the marriage thing that you got to work it out by breaking the rules. Create your own rules of being happy, of helping your partner.

And remember that she really didn't know anything before she got married to you. All those delicacies and the neat folded underwears in your cupboards does not mean she is your slave. It means that you mean more to her than anyone.  So help her while she works and you while away your time watching cricket. It doesn't take much to make your partner happy. Its the thought and effort you show that makes a relationship truly work. 

Celebrate Life with Travel

#CelebrateLifeAtIvy by owning a dream home atIvy estate, an 85 acre estate with 34 acres of greenery and open spaces. Join the 1600 happy families already living here. Check out this walkthrough video and decide for yourself.

What makes you love life and wake up in the morning and look forward to the day? Sometimes it's families, most of the times it the giggle of your toddler and the unexpected hugs from your partner. But living in the army, we get a good quota of holidays and the time we are not travelling, we plan about travelling and this gives us the greatest pleasure. Exploring places and being a part of a history, is how I celebrate my life. Being an army wife is not exactly living in the lap of luxury and this is more the reason why we are the way we are. Hungry for adventure and hungry for a new place every time. 
Mule Ride in Kufri, Shimla

The Taj

UK, Trafalgar Square

Gulmarg, Srinagar

The last time we traveled to Kerala, Uttar pradesh and Rajhasthan has been a roller coaster ride. And this was all in a space of a few days. I always think that it would be impossible to travel with a 3 year old active toddler but it somehow works out magically. When you have the determination and enthusiasm to do what you want to do then nothing can really deter you. And that's what makes me happy. I don't let things like that bother me and I believe that being comfortable with your life makes everyone around you relax. The long road trips, those late night stops at dhabas in Agra to have aloo paranthas, the tall cool glass of sugarcane in Ajmer and the hot paneer bread pakodas at Kurja,  having pani puri at Bapu Bazaar, Jaipur are far more priceless than just having a five star meal at a place you always lived and never want to move. I crave to go on a trek someday but I need to be fitter than what I am. And I am working towards a healthier lifestyle along with some inspirational travel. 

Coming home to memories and a memory card full of amazing pictures will last longer than you. And not just for posting pictures on social media, but travel because you have to, because it will make your life feel blessed and because you will just love your life more every day. 

My thirst for travel will never end and it's not only the world but also the smaller places in India that needs all the attention possible. You cannot forget visiting those old monuments and see from the eyes of another. Hire a guide and don't save money for a rainy day. Money will always come, but these experience just makes you feel energetic. 

It's time for me to travel again and I can't wait to make new plans. 

Friday, April 24, 2015

Shimla- A Honeymooners Delight

Time files when you reach Shimla. A small city in the heart of Himachal, you would find so many things to explore here. The plan we chalked out was a simple one. The bus from Chandigarh seemed ideal, cheap and would make us reach pretty soon too. But the bus was getting unusually late and we were waiting for it to start for more than an hour now. We were almost taking a cab when a young couple asked us to share the expense with them. It seemed best then. He was just dropping his girlfriend home and we would get a ride for 500 bucks. Hitchhiking couldn't get more easier. We booked the Holiday Resort which had the best location so far. In fact we walked up to the Mall road, taking those uneven steps. The enormous elevator that took us to the Mall road was great too. But we preferred to walk here. If you just want to explore the town then you could actually walk and take in the sights, But if you are a serious tourist and want to make the most out of the place than hire a cab for an entire day. They will take you to all the view points and important places.

The View from Kufri Holiday Resort
The Mall Road
The shops have interesting things to sell and you could just window shop if you are not much into spending and lugging a heavy suitcase around. But you could discover some good woolen clothes to take back home. And fake branded shoes if you want to walk and tear it out in Shimla. I had the misfortune of carry only boots which became a pain in the end and ended up buying sneakers for 500 bucks again. It made my ride so smooth. So don't get too much into the style thing and carry sensible shoes in the end. And a good coat will ensure that you do look good in your pictures. There is also a theater that shows all the new movies, you could always get here if walking tires you out.

Food is good in most of the places here. After all its north India, they thrive on tourists here and you can get delicious delicacies- hot and fresh.

Indian Institute of Advanced Study

One of the photographs in IIAS
The summer houses at the time when British invaded India, this building has been converted into an institute for Phd studies. The beautiful architecture and the gallery that leave a mark of who has been living in this palatial house some ages ago. It has a positive vibe about it inside and the woodwork is so beautifully maintained that you would want to live here. If you are an aspiring student then maybe you could apply here. You could get in if you are really brilliant. The souvenir shop has some interesting books on the history of the place. Do pick it up.


The perfect place to ride up on the mule and see a little snow. Although the summers are a little harsh here and the snow will be visibly invisible, you could just get a few pictures done by the local photographers and wear the traditional dress of Himachal. Get quirky with them and take some not so innocent pictures. You can even get a Yak ride and hold a python, if you are that brave. It's a busy place and the tourists really can crowd the place but don't be discouraged and do go on this ride.

The Ice-skating

You can hire the skates but the sizes are sadly unavailable. If you are an ice skate enthusiast then carry a pair from home. You will see children gliding on the snow, putting some adults to shame. But since you will be a beginner, no one will actually notice.

These are some of the place that I have been to and I really enjoyed the place despite the bad reviews I got from many. Yes, Shimla is crowded but you can never get enough of it.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

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Taj Mahal - A True Love Story or a Myth?

We drove down from Kurja, Uttar Pradesh where we were visiting relatives and going to see our very own Taj Mahal in Agra. We took the Yamuna Expressway and we had such a great ride. The midway has a restaurant and a washroom and if you live in Delhi then you have such an amazing weekend getaway. 
Living in India, if you haven't visited this monumental master piece, well than, you haven't really done a lot in your life then. But I really miss those days when there wasn't a big hoopla was seeing the Taj. It was just a normal day out, entering the historical sight, roaming freely without those plastic thingies on my feet. But perhaps the Taj falling apart could be one of the reasons why they have all these rules levied upon it these days. 
The local transport to the Taj

The entrance gate

the First Look

Posing from another angle

But all that is secondary. First is the view of Taj as you cross the roads and see the Yamuna River (that's getting dry) and you will be zapped at first, filled with a sense of anticipation. The Taj Mahal, is named aptly. It really does look like a crown (on the head of India). There is a entry that starts from its entrance, that's just two kilometers away. You can hire a jhonga or a camel cart. Both are attractive and interesting as a mode of transportation. They will charge you Rs 10 per person. Or if you are good with this bargaining thing, then maybe less. I am not good at bargaining and tend to give away money without a word. The ride was good but the line was long and I mean super long. The guide around will charge you 600rs for entering directly without the hasseles of joining a queue. And its up to you. There will be a through checkup, no eatables and certainly no metals allowed. You can carry baby food if you want. They are kind with people with children. Now if you move forward (and i am sure you are dying to just skip that other entrance), you will see the wide gardens maintained beautifully. You can get your personal photographer too if you want the right angle for those amazing evergreen pictures, We got one and it's really romantic and quirky and you can share a few laughs too. 

The videography is not allowed after you step into the gate where you can see the Taj Mahal. But take loads of pictures, no one will stop you. Don't forget to take a camera pass too. The line continues as you get nearer and if you can get a VIP pass (like defense) or simply buying one will get you in front sooner. It's happening all around the world now, taking such passes to get into the building. Crammed, you will still get to look around, there isn't much inside except for two very imposing graves of the ruler and his favorite wife. So did you know Mumtaz Mahal was actually having an affair with Shah Jahan before they got married? She was already married then and he killed her husband to get her. Eventually they were so much together, they conceived 14 children. And she died of child birth. But still he loved her, the point is that. And in those times, you have to consider that arrange marriage was a thing. Kingdoms married to gain another kingdom, so well you have to give then that. 

The Persian and Arabic scriptures on the walls is intact though the little holes that you see along the way are the gems and precious stones removed by whoever invaded India. Imagine those guys had so much money to squander on a tombstone. But the actually gave is under ground and no one is allowed to see that now. Some even say that it has been moved. But could be rumors. I had the chance of going underground in 2002, but now you just gaze at it longingly. A history buff, it really does take the charm away. 

You can loiter around the corridors for a few more pictures and then take your way home. We even visit the handloom shops which is sadly lacking in choice. So it's alright if you skip it. Just enjoy the ride of seeing the Taj and come home with a happy heart. 

P.S- So after getting married, this was the first time we actually visited the place, but no, i really do not want a Taj Mahal on my name. I think my books will keep me alive for a long long time. 

That awkward moment when you are supposed to look into each other's eyes and everyone's staring

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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Pizza Nights For children (of any age)

When your toddler loves junk food then why not just make it at home. You will know what to add and you will know that it would have more veges than cheese. Although mozzarella cheese is considered very good for children, just not in excess please.
I have used a round oven at home which is very easy to use and the pizza comes out better than from the microwave. Its the old traditional gadget of making pizza, cakes and snacks at home within the army circle. Army wives eventually do take up baking as their hobby and I for one love cooking special dishes once in a while. Although I am far from being an expert, I can whip up a decent pizza at home.

To make a Chicken Tikka Pizza


  1. Mozzarella cheese (grated)
  2. Pizza base
  3. onions 
  4. tomatoes
  5. capsicum
  6. Tomato sauce/ pasta sacuse
  7. Oregano
  8. Chilli flakes


  1. Spread the tomato sauce, cheese and the other veges on top of the pizza base
  2. Roast the chicken piece on your stove or oven and shred it to pieces beforehand
  3. Pre-heat the oven to 220 degrees 
  4. Baste the cake tin with butter and place the pizza base carefully inside.
  5. Let it bake for 20 min.
  6. Voila! yummy pizza is ready

I used a cake tin to bake

My Round oven 
And how yum it looks

Monday, April 20, 2015

Ngaloi Water Falls- A Hidden Gem In Manipur

Churachapur is a small town, a little an hour away from Imphal. And just an half an hour away is Ngaloi Water Falls. The beautiful town that you come across while you drive towards this little hideaway, is worthwhile. The weather in Manipur is always good. Summer lasts for a few days with nights being a bit chilly, so you don't really need a ceiling fan either. The village is sort after by tourists and during the holidays and festivals, the locals often come here to relax. You can find a lot of young crowd coming in. Though not a very crowded place despite of that. You can get your family and friends and enjoy some time away from smartphones. Watching the falls is one of the best thing you could do. The sound of water hushing away all that crowds your mind.

The cafe that's just a stone throw away from the falls, will cater beer, maggie, tea and chips for those who like to just walk in. Its a pretty little hut with pink curtains. The simplicity of this place is unimaginable.

The Ngaloi village was earlier the main town of churachanpur district. But due to the Kuki- Pathai riots, the entire village was burnt and people had to find another place to live. The village still exists and has come up very well in a few years. Its greener in this part of the town and water is no problem here at all as compared to other parts of Manipur.

So if you are visiting Imphal, do make a trip here. It's very different from all those tourist-y places that you have ever been.

Some picturesque Spots

The View of Ngaloi Falls

A View From Above

Coming down to see the Falls

The cafe

Will Of Steel- And an Inspiration to all


When you think about courage, you think about soldier's at the border, the police who scours for criminals and perhaps ever man/ woman in uniform. But your bet is right. They are courageous but they fight because its their job. What about people who actually thought their life would be just the way it is? Cancer suffering patients always dream about a perfect life. But the stress of Chemo and medications takes a toll on them and they soon start to forget themselves. They can just lie and wait for life to pass by but not this man. I am talking about Samuel Chettiar, who decided that his battle with life with be running a marathon. He has not let his health defeat him. It takes guts, a strong will and of course a heart of gold to have him do this. And mind you, running a marathon means running for kilometers and training for it till you can actually complete it. Its not wearing T shirts and posing for facebook, it takes a lot to just start the journey and Samuel has shown us that the real happiness lies in fitness and committing your life to a mission. He dreams of running a marathon in Paris 2015 and I really hope he does it. He has dedicated his run to his 9 year old neice, a girl who fought hard with cancer but died not long ago. 

Vote for Samuel Chettiar here

I’m voting for Samuel Chettiar's #WillOfSteel and blogging on BlogAdda to help him get felicitated and eventually enabled by JSW.


Actors/directors perhaps are the only people in the art industry that truly get recognized. What about those who work behind the scenes? Sujathan is not working for a filmfare but he is considered one of the greatest artist who have designed backdrops of several plays. His age hasn't dulled his interest in painting some more and even if a tinned roof and ply wood cut outs as his studio, he shows the true artist's work lies only in his art. Be it good or bad weather, he is always there when it comes to being Kerela's most beloved artists of all times. He has made Indian proud and has made his state proud too. I love him because he has not forgotten the real zest of life even at his old age. 

And perhaps one day I hope to write with wrinkles on my fingers and chipped nails, hoping to live life to my fullest. Just like Sujathan.

Vote for Sujathan here. 

I’m voting for Sujathan's #WillOfSteel and blogging on BlogAdda to help him get felicitated and eventually enabled by JSW.

Exploring the eye care sector of Hyderabad

Eyes are the windows to the soul. And perhaps the most important part of our senses because what we do and feel is all from our eyes. So why not get the best healthcare professional for them? To find the best eye care in Hyderabad, you wouldn’t have to search high and low. Here are a few hospitals and specialist that come to our minds.
L V Prasad Eye Institute:
One of the biggest eye hospitals in Hyderabad, LV Prasad is popular with its patients. They have appointed some of the best specialists for the patients suffering from various eye problems. And the best part is that people from various status come and get themselves checked. They work non-for-profit and the patients have some stories to that that will make your eyes well-up.  Dr. Santosh G Honavar, who has been working in this field for more than decade now, is part of their team so you really are in safe hands.
WHERE| House No. 1-88/5/A, Plot No. 274 Opposite Madhapur Police Station Kavuri Hills, Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad,
CONTACT| 040 3989 2020

Max Vision Eye hospital
Their services are all about providing affordable treatments to patients suffering from retinal problems such as glaucoma, paediatric ophthalmology and more. Equipped with the latest technology they thrive on giving the best of services and top class doctors who would make sure that you leave a person with a better eye sight.
WHERE|Various locations
CONTACT| 040-33087604

Centre for Sight Superspeciality Eye Hospital 
This centre excels in providing Lasik treatments apart from other multi-speciality. They have an excellent team making the patients comfortable regarding treatments like vision correction, squint surgery, glaucoma and these are only some of the treatments mentioned. They have a wide range of research going on and dealing with patients everyday has made them susceptible to any kind of task.    
WHERE| Ashoka Capitol, Road No 2, Banjara Hills. Landmark: Near Varun Motors, ING Vysya Bank and Opposite KBR Park, Hyderabad
CONTACT| 040 4004 5500

Hyderabad Eye Center
With some of their great facilities you will have the best of care needed for any ophthalmology treatment. It does have a good team to work with you, who would make sure that you have a pleasant experience even before the actual treatment.
WHERE| 3-6-217/1, St.No.15 Near Vasavi Public School, Himayathnagar, Hyderabad
CONTACT| 9849474173

Apollo Eye Department
For eye check ups, glaucoma, Lasik treatments, eye diseases, this hospital gives you every treatment that you would need. And becomes a great pillar of support along the way too. The doctors are good and they are really polite, catering to listen more to your problems and giving easy solutions to any tricky situations.
WHERE| General Manager International Healthcare, Jubilee Hills
CONTACT| 040-23607777
The eye specialists in Hyderabad are one of the best in the world. With amazing background of education and exposure working both in India and abroad, you will find them being very comfortable with any kind of challenge placed in front of them. So now that you have a list in your hand, do refer to them whenever you would need any kind of help in dire situations. A good ophthalmologist should be in your little black book definitely!

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Earth Is Calling so wake up!

Green Yatra is a NGO who wants to promote awareness towards more green and clean earth. Here are some of the things we could do as a citizen.

Take A Walk

We all know that mother earth is our only way of surviving and to make it a better place to live in, you have to do your bit everyday. Walking on the streets has become such a hassle these days. There are no proper pavement because street vendors occupy the space and then leave the place dirty and used. Eventually we find no parking and end up having an argument with shopkeepers, vendors and other drivers. And then we leave the car in motion waiting for your loved ones to join you. Do you know how much petrol you are wasting? Its not only financially draining for you but also environmentally harmful for everyone around.

Eat In More

Restaurant business is thriving because people now do not want to learn cooking or waste any time doing it. There is of course the buffet option where you have your fill which does leave you statisfied but be honest, how much food is left on that plate, uneaten? The leftovers are often taken by the dairy farms where the cows and pigs are feed this and ultimately the milk and pork that you consume is of the same. So well, eat less outside and even if you do do an A la carte.

Carry A garbage Bag

While riding in your car make sure that you carry that waste bag with you always. It could be that packet of chips or the diaper your son had soiled, it would come in great use because throwing things out of the window is just damn rude.


When you have those beautiful bottles of kissan jam and dabur honey, have something made out of it. I prefer to make a indoor planter out of them. You can use any crafts to decorate the bottle and even have a herb tray in your kitchen. Some other things you could re-use are CDs (for costers, wall hangings), Cardboard/ shoe boxes (for storage).

Use your Laptop/Smartphone

That grocery list that you wanted to write down, you could just make a quick list on your phone instead of wasting papers. And if you are a writer like me then use your laptop even if its to make a draft. That way you wouldn't waste a notebook because all your ideas sucked. Use technology wisely.

These are some of the things that you could do from your side. Do not wait for something drastic to happen because don't forget that you would have to leave the earth behind for your children. They deserve a better tomorrow too.

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Dharamshala- A Summer Retreat

Travelling to hill stations is perhaps the best feeling in the world. You know what to expect- mountains, snow and greenary. Dharamshala in its way, has little surprises in store for you. And I have bitter sweet memories of it starting from the year 1995 when I travelled the place for the first time with my parents to visit my Aunt.  Best part is that she lives in the city. Relatives staying at holiday spots is the right motivation for some bonding. And you save on stay too. How about that? I found Dharamshala in my again and again visiting lists now. Its been three times since i visited the place and each time something different comes up. 

Mc Leod Gunj

Famously pronounced as "Mclaoud" gunj by us punjus, the ride up to the hill to visit the residence of Dalai Lama is just soul stirring. You will find a lot of tourists there but there will be enough space for you to roam about holding hands with your partner or have a giggling session with your besties. The Tibetien Market is spread out and you can find some unique pieces along the way if you are not a miser with buying souvenirs. The peston bowl which sounds like a bell is quiet a popular selling piece here. 
There are cafes and terrace restaurants and you would have a lot to choose from. And they serve good dry chicken and soups for starters. And for vegetarians you can enjoy their exotic mix of salads. 
The view from the Bhagsu water fall is just breath taking and you could have walk down the trail to the falls. the cold water is just the thing for your tired feet.
The monastery is the highlight for many and you can feel the quietness despite the crowd. The humming gets your soul buzzing with peace. You could just sit out there and enjoy a little timeout from life. The prayer wheels where you wish your heart out is fun just to touch and you will actually end up spending more time than you planned.

The Himachal Pradesh Cricket Stadium

It only takes a fan to know one. And if you are the cricket fan then come here and spend half a day. Book the restaurant in their VIP section and spend some time going through their picture gallery where you could see some legends hanging on the walls during their prime time.  The colors just pop out here and I am just talking about the chairs that the audience sit on. The small size stadium gives you a view that will stamp on your minds forever.

The VIP Restaurant- The View

Norbulingka Institute

This institute is actually a summer residence of Dalai Lama and you will find a few students making this place a stydy havan. The gardens simply spell happiness all times of the year. And during spring for a photography enthusiast, it's a bonus. The temple inside is two storeyed and you can click a few pictures. The souviner shop is worth visiting and you can pick up things like tote bags, silk maxi dresses, silk coats, T shirts, Tibetian paintings and sculptures- all handmade. They cost a little more but its unqiue and you wouldnt find the stuff anywhere. I picked up T shirts from here with some fun quotes. 
The art shop where you can watch the sculptures in the making. The doll museum is something else. The lifestyle of the localities have been portrayed with dolls. 
The canteen is running and you could enjoy a plate of flat noodles and soup. The experience is unique and you will carry some great memories with you home.

So do plan a trip some time to Dharamshala. Its just a few hours drive from Punjab and Delhi, Or just fly down if you like to reach your destination sooner than that. 
Sculptor at work 

Entrance to the Norbulinga

Doll Museum