Sunday, January 26, 2014


Hello its Valentine's Day, 
where Feburary is seasoned as the month of love, 
where heart meets  the other and beats for one another.
Hand holding and fingers entwining,
The head of his shoulder- the most solid support
That stray strand of hair falling over her eyes,
Looks like the most beautiful thing of all.

Teddys and red roses,
Diamonds and chocolates- they all seem like the perfect gift.
But the gift of love is what leaves permanence.
So why not give your love a book of love today.
Here we come with our perfect pages MOONLIT MATINEE

The team of MOONLIT MATINEE has come with wonderful short stories on love, lust and much more. You have to get a copy to know more. 

Here are the 12 authors coming together for you:

To get a copy: You can visit Homeshop18 and give your valentine this gift of love.

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