Thursday, July 12, 2012

I haven't written for a while. And all kudos to me being pregnant and later being a mother. I never thought it would make a difference to my writing and really it hasn't until I gave birth to this beautiful baby named Vivaan. I am totally in love again and though my husband feels the same thing, a mother's feelings are way different. I want to care while hubby wants to play. I am really glad I am born a woman. No way men would understand this feeling. So I keep thinking about my lil baby day and night and so comes my very valid reason of not writing. I have been away from army life as well, so I couldn't update anyone about the latest politics in life. I have been keeping myself updated reading my friends and fellow writers...sometimes it just feels good to read and not write. The mind really clears steer from the usual and I have something going on in my mind for my next novel. Its almost done...I keep saying that to myself.

here is a lil preview of my sweetheart

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