Friday, July 13, 2012

Self Love

I am coming down to write my third novel, the second already gone for publishing now and will probably be out before the end of this this year. It is an exciting process to get your work acknowledged. Of course I find my share of critics but it is just another way how you deal with them. The important thing is that you write for the sake of writing and not for some kind of adoration. I satiate my hunger for self love by writing. It just a matter of maintaining that self love by ignoring people who say otherwise. If you listen to people talking about your work and being negative about it, you know that they are just telling you their views. And a good writer is always critisized.
No one is perfect. 
And I never ran behind perfection. Always craving for it. I have realized that being perfect is just another excuse for blaming people why they are not the way you want them to be.
My work is just another sample of how perfection is not achieved but procured. 
So love yourself and write what you love about. 

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