Wednesday, September 7, 2011

"Nostalgic Moments"

There are many things in my life that when I think about only makes me want to go back.

I was getting married in two months time and my dad decided to give me a travel experience to UK to show the other side of the world before I confined myself in the world of Army. I didn't know whether it was a bribe to change my mind. Dad being 'Dad'.


Perhaps one of the best times of my life was to be totally unaware of  culture of a different country. It certainly changed my perspective on looking at India as a developing country. I wonder when it would be at par with any country.

Manchester and London as a city were a very busy place. Its was perhaps the only place I found some activity going on. The other places that I stayed in i.e Preston, Lake District, Cambridge, Milton Kyenes and Buckingham were quiet in comparison.

UK is a flurry of activity. There is the daily chores that people do yet I felt like I was in a silent movie. There were no people honking on their fancy cars as I crossed the road. Even if I was slow. I enjoyed being slow here.

My dad had already traveled a lot here so he had some clue about the places around and the London Tour Bus we took and the enthusiasm among the other tourists was infectious. I had a gala time, taking pictures of the high street and spending some time at the National Museum and Trafalgar square. There were some locals chalk painting on the street and there was written, "Pay 1 pound to take pictures", I took some pictures without paying him and he actually smiled at me. Probably thinking what a cheapskate I was :).

The food was marvelous and I had my fill of fish and chips everywhere I went. I did miss the home cooked meals like a typical Indian but I compensated my greedy palates with some Kebabs made from a Pakistani stall.

I had always heard rumors about Cambridge University. There is certain thing called Cambridge University Press but no such thing as a university in itself. And Oxford was a street of universities. Again no such thing as Oxford University.

Oh, yea I did i mention I lost my way from Cambridge to Milton Kynes? Well it so happened I had to go shopping at the oddest hour. The mall was open and I thought the buses run all night long. But it was only till 8 and i came back to the bus station at 8 30 hoping to find a transport back to my hotel. I couldn't get any. The tube was ridiculously expensive and the only option was to take a cab. I spent 6000 bucks for an hour drive, my heart cried but i had to reach before my dad came to know what I had done. He was at the University meeting a few students of his and when I told him what  I had done he laughed out aloud.
uh ho- Not the reaction I was expecting.
Apparently he had missed his last bus too and had spent some unmentionable amount on a cab too.
Like father like daughter :)

Lake District, another heaven planted on earth with care by God I think. Preston being a small sleepy town with only University (UCLA) as a main focus and students as its main crowd, we hopped on a bus (courtesy from work) and since it was snowing so bad that morning, we had to delay our trip by a few hours. It was worth well the wait when we reached the place. We were welcomed to the sight of glowing sun and a ferry ride around the lake. Indescribable feeling of calm. All we had to do was jump on the ferry and take the sights in. It all kept pouring in me and I stood  by the railing watching the waters go by me. Something on a ferry always triggers happy pills in me. We also visited the underground reptile and fish aquarium though this being the end of our trip I didn’t have the heart to buy anything else. But the memories stays intact.

 The traditional dress for the Scottish 
 Our guide to the reptile museum. How fondly he looks at those disgusting creatures!
 Aimless wanderer 
 Diamonds at the lake
 The lighthouse 
Definitely planning to take more those ferry rides

We walked a lot, did some daughter-dad talks, discussed the history of UK- the evergreen Shakespeare and my favorite Jane Austen. Then while returning home I got a good feeling inside me. I still think I missed out on being someone else in life but my today is equally beautiful and fortunate.

Some great moments with dad....we are two restless souls who love travelling


  1. wow Sonia that was fun...Never been to UK, but I think your post was like taking a mini trip to UK ;)
    I loved the papa-daughter collage. Frame will look beautiful

  2. Thank you Sneha :). I live far from my parents n makes me miss them so much. This is my tribute to my kind and generous dad. Next wud b on my mom :).
    I will definitely frame it...

  3. Lovely blog from a doting daughter.

  4. Great post and moment in time.

  5. What a lovely post! I am sure you will always remember this trip with your Dad!


    Nelieta travel blog

  6. How wonderful to be able to travel and have a long lasting memory of you and your fathers time together.
    I hope one day to be able to travel to the UK and take my children along and give them more lifelong memories.


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