Thursday, June 25, 2015

Paris- The City Of Romance

It was a beautiful evening when our flight landed in Paris. And as we took the metro to Jaures, where our hotel was, our excitement towards getting to know the city began. The metro was just adjacent to the airport as in most cities these days so after a few asking around, we finally got to our stay for the night. It was a small hotel with a large window for a view of outside. Right outside our hotel we had lot of options to have dinner. We chose Le Jaures that served tomato salad and chicken sandwich for the evening and it was just the thing after our famishing walk all evening. Because the first day abroad, there is always a feeling of getting lost.
Cafe Le Jaures

Our Hotel

Arc de Triomph

Love locks, a tradition of biding locks together and throwing the key in River Seinne

As we get closer to Eiffel Tower

After a quick breakfast in McDonalds which was just below out hotel, we decided to visit the Eiffel Tower. The metro took us directly at Arc De Triomph which is a memorial sire for all the soldiers who fought and gave their lives for their country. It was a beautiful structure carved with lot of detailing. If you are a fan of art then Paris will not let you down. But we skipped the museums here frankly because we just wanted to see as much of Paris as possible and the museums would take half of our days. So the famous Mona Lisa painting was ditched. Instead was taking cab to the Eiffel Tower from Arc de Triomph, we just walked the Champs-Élysées street. It was a long walk but certainly a scintillating part of our day where we could see the cafes, the churches, the little boutiques on our way. And as we neared this wonder of the world, the sight was just getting better. We must have clicked pictures at every distance possible. 

Since we had not taken a ticket online, we couldn't skip the line and had to wait a good 45 minutes to get our hands on the ticket. There are two ways to go up, you could walk your way or take the elevator (which can never be a bad option if you want to get to the top soon. And it was as beautiful as i imagined, almost as if I was in a french film, watching the world from my eyes. Words feel short but it's as good as you know it will look. The structure was actually made to direct travellers by Augusts and soon became one of the tallest structure in the world. They even have a restuarant in the first floor and if you want to be seated soon then reserve a table or else if you want to wait and no where else to go then they could accommodate you. The second floor was even more unbelievably breathtaking and windy. But it felt good. There is even a place dedicated to kiss. So if you want to carry a memory then click a good one with your partner. It costs nothing to show love to your partner after all.  

We took a metro to Pantheon next and it's full of famous critics and writers. But in a grave. You are supposed to hold silence while you visit them. You can click as many pictures you want to. Again. It was HUGE. And full of artsy statues all over the place. It was our lucky day too because that day the entry was free. So you can imagine we saved a little on our first day.

It took us exactly three days to explore Paris. The city is booming with tourists at this time of the month and the day was crystal clear with a bite in the wind. So a warm pair of inners was a boon to have carried the last minute. So whoever told you May is summers in Paris forgot to mention that the sun is out with cold air. And this was just day 1.


  1. Beautiful pics Sonia.. No doubt Paris is city of romance & fashion :)

  2. Loved reading this post. Amazing pictures and really wish to go to Paris one day :)

    1. U must Purba! :). It will inspire u r writings even more.

  3. Beautiful city...One does not want to come back.. :) Thanks for sharing..

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    1. Loved ur post! As usual u grabbed my attention :). And thx fr d comments. They mean a lot

  4. Lovely pictures. Paris is a city apt for your description.

  5. Wow nice pictures Sonia. I have good memories of visiting Paris and Rome last year. Been to Champs Elysees street and had dinner with my wife, walked to Eiffel Tower, seen Pantheon. You must see The Louvre, Notre Dam, Basilica of the Sacre Coeur, Palace de la Concorde, Grand Palais. Have good time..Its very romantic city.


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