Wednesday, June 9, 2010

How I made time for writing

Self-pompous of me, I know but how I'm loving to write about myself.
Writing was only limited to school essays and letter writing and it all started with a compliment from my English teacher who actually said I could write well. From that days onwards I realized English was indeed my favorite subject and I would like to study it more. My parents were helpful. My mom got me a typewriter and at t he age of 15 i was already writing my first novel. It was just awful. My sister was my editor and I have never seen her reading my other novels. Poor thing, Imust have given her quiet a fright. :)
However, I never stopped myself from dreaming and making stories in my head. Love stories were automatically generated and I wrote a few of them. At the time because I knew I could write a very good story but now just because they were less than 20,000 words I just take them as a learning process to horn my writing skills. My dad got me the computer and I was pretty excited to see it on word and somehow it got better. I never had time for a group of friends, nor did I have time for shopping then. I was happy to be in my room, my computer giving me company.
Today after writing 10 odd novels which I'm sure will stay in my harddisk, I'm trying to come out and see one publish.

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