Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Music Therapy For A Beautiful Day

There is therapy for the mind and then there is therapy for the soul. This is where you come to Music- as a medium that connects you with your inner self.

Why do we need to listen to music?

And why not? I ask. People you workout, do yoga and also who seek solace in different kind of exercise, it has been proved that music is the first factor that gives you the motivation to achieve your goals. No wonder I find myself lost without my iPod and my headphones, in fact updating it comes first thing on my mind whenever I am free. I keep collecting music as well. So, well Music works well for me. Stress is also the biggest factor that makes us perform less than our potential. You are in a crappy mood in office, you bring that mood at home, do not discuss anything with your family and sleep with that mood, only to wake up crappy. Do you notice the vicious circle here? Before you loose your sense of self, try giving 'music' a chance. 

How can you begin with Music, if you are a beginner?

When we all begin our day, it always starts with a hurry bury blur of activities. Making breakfast for everyone, packing your stuff for the office, choosing the right outfit and when you are done with all this, you just feel drained. Instead choose a playlist for your day and just switch it on as and when you wake up. I prefer to keep my speaker close to my bed and just when I do not feel like getting up, i play music. It has to be something peppy for me to actually start my day. 

Isn't music distracting?

It really depends on what kind of work you are doing. Often a light buzz of Mozart or Brian Silas piano doesn't make a difference to your work. Even if its technical. As a writer I can vouch for the effect it has on my work. I love listening to a romantic number (mood varies) when i am writing a novel. In fact several creative people use 'music' as a source of inspiration. So have you found yours yet?

What kind of music should I listen to?

Its not necessary that you need to have a set genre fixed for it to work. If you like Sufi or Gazals then go for it. If English pop songs make your day then do not hesitate to switch it on. Share your love for music and try to understand the lyrics to make yourself more approvable to others. Rap (even Honey Singh) makes your heart skip a beat then do not go for anyone judging your choice. After all music is just here to spread love, give you love and make you free.

Even if you have a tight schedule, make time to just listen and see a change in your attitude which will not only effect you but also the people around you. 

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