Friday, June 25, 2010

My experience at Amber Fort (jaipur)

The pink city Jaipur has everything in store for an avid traveller and someone who has an eye for history. Not because one wants to memorize the history I had studied during my college years but because it reminds me of the golden era, where there were palaces, queens, kings, horses, beautiful jewellery and glittery dresses known as ‘Poshak’.

Our first destination was Amber Fort.

The glorious view of the fort began before we reached the place. It had glimpses of the movie I had recently seen ‘Jodha Akbar’ and ‘Veer’. Thinking on those terms I did clarify by asking our guide where else did the shooting took place. By the way hiring a guide is a very good idea. Don’t try to save on the valuable information that you would get from him. And you could also keep asking him questions. An interesting way to reach the top is by hiring elephants. We opted for the rough path towards the fort, wanting to look around and perhaps stop at the little shops displaying the blue pottery, Rajasthani jewellery and souvenirs like key chains and more.

Palace of Rajah Man Singh that had taken 25 years to be built, Amber Fort had beautiful mirror works some made of Belgium glass intended to act as heaters during winters. This was something that caught my sight since it still looked so beautiful and untouched.

Another carving that caught our attention was the sculpture made of white and black marble. It hid nine images in them. Still intact and still so live.

The view from above is simply marvellous. It showed the little houses that inhabited Jaipur and you why Jaipur’s called the ‘Pink city’ with little pink buildings. Also another formidable attraction is the carpet garden designed to look like one when in bloom. Perhaps you remember Ashwairya Ria sitting on one with the pigeons and I could feel the resounding ‘Kehene ko Jashane bahara hai…”


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  2. Nice pictures...You have very good eye for taking pictures...can be a good photographer..

  3. Thanks for sharing your experience of Amber fort visit in Jaipur. The Pink City is crammed full of historical Jaipur tourist places. In fact, in terms of sightseeing. However, if you want to explore something different, you can go to Jaipur Zoo, Which has like 70 varieties of birds, reptiles and mammals.


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