Monday, January 10, 2011


Lady Dorothy Townsend, a beautiful woman in her thirties had a secret. Unloved and unwanted she found shelter of the arms of her lover. Or so it is believed. The Raynham Hall Mansion, a huge imposing structure stood tall and handsome right in the middle of Norfolk, England. Lady Dorothy's suspecting husband Charles Townsend buried his wife in the year 1725. However later it was said that her funeral was faked and she was locked away in the remotest part of the mansion. She suffered there, without any windows and no one to talk to. Sitting there alone near the only hole she could see the light pass through she vowed to live no matter what. She suffered a guilty conscience too   
so she didn't vengence in her mind. She passed away a few years later and Charles followed her lead. They seemed to have loved very much once.

The picture below was taken in 1936 and published in THE COUNTRY MAGAZINE.

                (Rewritten by SKS)

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