Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Europe Style Diary- What To Wear?

When planning a vacation abroad in summers, Europe gives you the utmost freedom to dress up like a doll almost everyday, which I did. All the cities had their charm and every weather needed a different kind of outfit. Since I wasn't carrying much and pretty much backpacked, I had to power my wardrobe and make it work for the next twenty one days.

Key pieces to carry:

  1. Stockings: You can wear it on a dress and shorts. But do not forget to take extra pairs cause you never know when you will need them. I had to buy one from the super store and paid a lot more than it costed in India. Try in different colors too. Europe is the place to experiment with florasant too. 
  2. Leggings:  Black leggings work out so great and doesn't take much room. It's super comfy and you can wear them under anything at all. If you are a T shirt person then carry these and save space in your bag for those souvenirs. 
  3. Dress: Short or super short or just long- dresses in Europe looks great. In fact if you love to model for the camera, then wear them just to look pretty. Leave your bangles and bindis at home if you are wearing them for the first time. 
  4. Sweater: Jackets are great but sweaters are better. Take some really thin knit ones which would come under your dress too. It doesn't have to look the Oswal grandma types, so look around in stores like Mango or Calvin Klein.
  5. Walking shoes:  The biggest mistake you could do to yourself is not bringing your workout shoes. Do not go for those fancy canvas ones because seriously they suck when it comes to comfort. And its a trend in Europe to wear those colourful ones too and they wear them under dresses, shorts, jeans!
  6. Ripped jeans or shorts: I have seen extreme ripped jeans and shorts. And with a nice shirt it does look cool. Looks great for a leisure I-Don't-Care-Look too. 
  7. Scarfs: This one can make any outfit shine! So just go for one bright woolen pashmina and cotton ones with colors that matches anything. I took a red pashmina and a pink and blue cotton ones. I didn't mind the space they took too. 
These are a few of the things that I carried. And it made a big deal! 


  1. Such a wonderful post. And you look super pretty :)

  2. Thx Purba. Coming frm a pretty girl like u its such a super compliment :)


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