Monday, April 13, 2015

India's PM Mr Narendra Modi- Fashion with sense

The most popular PM of all times, Narendra Modi has really shown us how to dress when you are in public. In fact his Republic day suit with his name embedded as print in the fabric was just genuis. I dont think I remember any PM of ours being this fashion forward. They had all worn this and that in secret or at vacations- who knows. All politicians have a secret life in one way of the time. Yes, Na Mo keeps his private life private and that's good in a way knowing that he wants to dominate his stand unlike our previous PM. His campaigns like Beti Bachao- Beti Padhao, Clean India, Make In India has been successful so far and now his trips to France, Germany and Canada is becoming the talk of the town. He sees India in a different light which is good for us. Rather than shedding light on our helplessness, he has made us look into the mirror. 

If Michelle Obama can wear designer, why can't Mr Modi do that? He has been under controversy ever since he showed up in his name printed dress. I understand that India is a developing country but a man needs good clothes to look powerful too. And wearing white cotton is just tiring, even when we look at it. 

Some of his looks are to die for! Men out there could learn from him. This is called power dressing.

In Germany
President Hollande with India's PM
His Travelling garb

Wishing him all the best for his campaigns for India. 


  1. Loved your views.I endorse your perspective fully. I wish him well. I 'm his staunch fan,because for him,'India First' is the mantra for progress and development!

    1. Yes, I am all for a new India. And I like to see the positive in him rather than the negative that ppl like to shed light upon. And your comment made my day! do follow my blog for more updates!

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