Tuesday, April 5, 2011

I see colours

Seasons are changing and I see the roads being filled the untouched leaves, brown and bare below my feet. I kicked them on the spur of the moment and I see how winter's given way to spring, followed by autumn. The walks in the evenings becoming a favorite pass-time as the flowers blooming, make the end of my very busy day.  Its almost like a homage to the season. My private time with nature. 

The soft chirping of the birds, imitating each other, flying their way home in the evening and making a very beautiful note of prayer as they dig into the trees that lay bare- now without the leaves. The parrots sharing that one last kiss as they make an announcing public display of affection. I wait to see a wood pecker, making a design deep into that bark and I picture them doing that everyday almost like a routine. 

 How we human beings have the advantage of a change! Perhaps being one of the privileged species where we can think and do what we want to do- perhaps within our means but the less we have the more we appreciate the finer things in life. Or perhaps do we learn from the lesser species? That determination towards a goal, the bond they have...all this sounds so simple yet so complicated in our world of materialism? And we move on with life wanting to achieve that MORE in life.  


  1. What a nice thought and a deeper meaning to end that, you are a great writer and one day whole world will know that.

  2. It feels as if i m growing up reading your blogs. Its a treat to read you!

  3. Observation and expression..these are two key requirements for a good writer...Seems like you observe and express it well in your writings..that may be romance, nature..or related to army.

    Kudos! Add more variety in your writing. Keep it up!


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