Saturday, February 21, 2015

When we adopted a Dog

Woody and Vivaan getting acquainted
When you adopt a dog in the army...the whole concept of taking care of a dog takes on a new turn. We just added Woody to our lil family of 'Singh'. Already living in Manipur was making life a monotonous affair. So the lil dog, brown fuzzy brown of cuteness was going to change our lives. With Vivaan already we had compromised a lot with sleep and given half our lives to him, how much trouble can a dog be? Turns out, its a full time responsibility too. You gotta train the guy and make him pee outside or else your house is just ruined mess of stink.  The sleeping pattern didn't match either. You just gotta make him learn to relax when you are on off mode. My motive in life soon became to teach Woody to sit. To my wonder Vivaan taught him to fetch ball. Now that was some accomplishment. When nights with the month old Woody became tough, we promptly handed him to our sahayak. He maintained his timings to eat and to walk. 

In search of some mischief
And when it came time to play Vivaan and me just couldn't stay away from his enthusiastic licks of affection. Sometimes when i sit and relax, he comes over and takes his place on my lap as if he had all the right in the world. Perhaps it was his place because i found myself relaxing in his warmness and his ever loving eyes. He is three months old and making lives a bit different than we were used to.

Well he is playful and it takes it difficult to say no at times. Vaccinated and all dogs do get jealous and with Vivaan being my baby, he scratched him badly. It wasn't a fun ride to the hospital believe me and we had to calm our boy down with chocolates and hot wheels. We had to get him give anti rabies injection too. Perhaps i regretted having a dog when i heard my son cry.

But noone gives up on family, do they?
And we didnt. We are just a little bit stern with both of them now. And the playtime is just stuck to fetching ball now or running after it. Anyways excitement never ceases to end and we got a few rabbits too who mostly stay put in their house we made. From a city girl to a full time mommy and part time writer now, i certainly have my hands tied up in knots. 

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