Friday, April 17, 2015

Chittorgarh- The Royalty domination In Rajhasthan

When you enter the city of Chittorgarh, you will find a well built town around this very big fort/ kingdom. Its comparatively not as exciting as the other cities in Rajhasthan but its totally worth a visit if you are a history buff. Stories revolve around this massive independent fort and you will see why it was in one of the most wanted list of Mughals.

Rani Padmini was on of the most beautiful women in the world. Legend has it that even the tears would turn to pearls and her voice was so sweet that it would lure any one. Alluandin Khilji was a curious man and he wanted to put a stamp of this woman. And while being placed as a guest at the fort, he did have a view of her in the mirror of her room. Falling hard, he wanted her. And thus began the wars between the Mewar and the Mughals.

You will see a lot of destroyed monuments that could have been so beautiful at their times. The trip started in our car and its great that you wouldn't have to walk a lot. If you are a workout freak then do walk all the way. No harm in that. But that will take you a long time. Its great if you could hire a guide from the entrance gate because reaching the point you will pretty much be clueless. Check his ID for your safety. Temples, Vijay Path, Rani Padmini's Palace, Kirti Sthamb are a mark of true architecture. You will find an amazing view from every where you stand. The lake view from Rani Padmini's is just breath taking. It surrounded by water and must have been really cool during summers.

 Some spots are pretty stranded so do not walk alone and be in your group to avoid unwanted situations. Best if you have your vehicle. It took a few hours to explore everything and know the history behind them but it was really a great experience. If you somehow missed having a guide then visit the light and sound show that starts at 6 in the evening. It will clear some of your doubts too.

Rani Padmini Palaca

That infamous mirror

The garden view

Vijay Sthamb

The keeper of the Jain Temple
The Krishna Temple (Meera's personal devotion temple)

The famous Meera also used to reside here. And her beauty poetry on Krishna emerged from here. Her love for the God has become legend now.

There is also a handloom house near to the light and sound show. And you could pick up sarees, bedsheets, dohar. The fabric used if washed smells of sandalwood. I mean, I could smell the essence and its simply marvelous. The rates are reasonable starting from 1000 rs.

We had dinner at Hotel Samrat, the  restaurant that's pretty famous for its multi cuisines. And the cost's fit the pocket too if you are not a big spender. Its a popular eat-out and the tables are always full. 


  1. Loved the narration. We have so much to see around us that one life isn't enough. What do you say? :)

    1. I find that ppl do not explore the smaller cities which have so much to say. But why not make d most of the life and see what u can c :).

  2. LOvely post and inspiring one. This is still in my To-Do list and would refer to this post for planning my trip. Thanks !

    1. thx VJ...if you have another questions let me know :)


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