Sunday, July 19, 2015

Bike Tour In Berlin- PhotoDiary

Berlin has the most history where Hitler began his rule and from where you can know a lot more about the history if you are a fan of historical facts. What interested me most was the World War 2 and the Holocaust. I have followed it all the way to Budapest to know more about it. But let's just talk about Berlin for now. We had two days in Berlin and we were kind of lost the first night. The city was big when compared to Amsterdam and we didn't have a definite plan as to what to do. That's when we thought about taking a Bike tour with Fat Tire.
Our tour guide Marc was a great help. He was an American, living in Germany for a while now so his language was clear and we could understand every bit of it. I am not a very traffic friendly person and riding a bike was the last thing on my mind. But its safe to tell you now that it was the best thing that could have ever happened to me. Exploring city this way is not only fun but also so relaxing after long walks around the city.
After spending the first half of our day at the German history museum, where we learnt all about the World War 1 and 2, we reached the TV tower (another grand structure). There we picked up our bikes and made our way towards the great big exploration of the city of Berlin. It was roughly 4 to 5 hour ride around with several stops around. What we covered was the Berlin Wall, The bunker where Hitler committed suicide, The Jewish colony, The residence of the President of Germany, The Jewish cemetery, The museum Island, The blue church, The park and so much more. The ride in the park was my favorite because of the clear paths and the little pond that had a tree with purple flowers. The pond reflecting its beauty, shading itself from others and for a moment time stood still.

We had a break at the beer garden where we had pizza and salad for a treat. It was a long ride back and we were planning to have dinner at the TV tower with a revolving restaurant. The sight of the TV tower is breathtaking, paling against all other restaurants we have ever been to. You could view Berlin and catch a view of the Museum Island. As we ended our day to this very amazing city, we learn an exciting way of enjoying and being together with Bikes.

A part of me stayed behind because it just too beautiful to just make it a passing memory.
The Jewish Cemetary

Food for soul

Inside the TV tower

Berlin Dome

View from Berlin Dome. The stairs were really narrow and intimidatingly never ending

Fat Tire- picking out bikes

Moving with our group

Fascinating view from every corner of the city

The president's residence

The symbol of Germany

The Blue Church
A view of BERLIN DOME from the German History Museum

The most hated man in the history of humankind. Berlin wall now converted into an open museum. 


  1. Beautiful Clicks.. Thanks for sharing.. :)


    1. Thx UK there is definitely more to come :).

  2. lovely clicks Sonia... seems like you had a great time :-)

  3. Yea Archana. One thing off my bucket list now :)

  4. I agree that being on a bike tour is the best thing that can happen to anyone! Lovely clicks!

    1. Yes. Thx Mridula :). It was indeed an experience not to be missed


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