Saturday, March 3, 2018

Colours of Holi and Joys of motherhood.

When I used to think about all the times i wanted to stay back at home and never come out when the times comes for Holi. The most dreaded of all festivities because it involved getting cleaned up really well afterwards. Me, who loves to launder around and not bother much. But how times change when you have a child in your life. The joys of sharing colors, laughter and adapting a naughtiness that make them love you more. I would never ever abandon loving this festival as much as my son. Of course in the army, the group is bigger and there are other people around you with the same craziness. And though I have moved for a little while in the civilian mode, I love how this enthusiasm doesn't escape it a child or an adult.
So here are some of the memories of those times.

2010 Holi @ Jalandhar. Unit Life

2018 Holi @Hyderabad
When holi means serious business- 2018

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