Sunday, May 8, 2011

BOOK REVIEW- The Love Asana by Milan Vohra

Synopsis: Vivan Parasher has waited patiently for revenge. But when he getsit he feels the Dewan family still owe him more. Then the beautiful sister of his nemesis walks into his office, willing to do anything to save her brotherfrom Vivan's vengeance?

A notorious playboy, Vivan could certainlybenefit from a wife on his arm, and Pari is the perfect candidate. If he didn't have proof that she's as bad as the rest of her family Vivan might even feel atwinge of guilt at his shocking proposal!

But it's only when he slips his ring on Pari's finger that he realises the extent of his mistake.

My Take: 

What makes a boy meets girl kind of stories evergreen? Perhaps Mills and boons symbolizes the fact that love rules no matter what the circumstances. 

The Love Asana epitomizes the same feeling. A rich bachelor Vivan Parasher has been looking forward to take revenge from a man (Deepak) who has got his sister pregnant and abandoning her without knowing the fact. Ten years later Vivan finds himself taking over the company of Deepak, relishing the fact that he would be the one to destroy him. But then he meets Deepak's beautiful sister, Pari, a Yoga instructor who has a tainted past as well and Vivan knew that he would want to destroy Pari as well. The attraction is instant and his desire for her increases, well reciprocated by Pari. 
They get married on the terms that Vivan would save Deepak's company and thus follows a series of events that makes Vivan realize that Pari is not as he thought she was. 

What I liked more than the story was the language that Ms Vohra has used engaging the readers in the sensuality of the two main characters. Somehow reading M n B with indian characters was different too. There was the adrak wali chai that makes us connect with the heroine and the hero being nostalgic about puris that he had shared with his only sister. He is a strong emotional character that he utilizes to make big in his life.

A read for a long journey home or something that you can enjoy on those lonely nights...

The Love Asana makes an interesting read for all the romance fanatics...


  1. I am not ashamed to admit I read romances and like all genre books, there are good, bad, indifferent ones and there are gems..
    This is actually a warm, believable book. Very real characters.. I know someone just like Maria, Pari's sister in law.Thanks for this great find.


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