Wednesday, May 4, 2011

An excerpt of Love Me In The End


“You did what!”
Lying on the bed Vidhya Melhera glared helplessly at her husband, Amitab, “Why!”
Shush”, Taking off his shirt and discarding it carelessly on a nearby chair, Amitab walked towards his wife of thirteen years, “You will wake up the whole house”.
“Amitab…if you don’t tell me right now what’s going on…I swear I will wake up the whole house”, her eyes narrowed dramatically, making her face look years younger.
She was beautiful, Amitab Melhera concluded as he pulled the sheets over the bed and slid in, “It was the best thing to do”.
“Best thing to do?” Rising, Vidhya threw her pillow at him, hitting him squarely on his chest, “If you think I’m going to feel happy about it then think twice Mr. Know-it-all”
“You should”, Amitab Melhera bantered back with an amused smile playing around his lips, “Ria is almost sixteen now…and I couldn’t think of a better person for her…”
“It’s the twenty first century Amitab! Girls don’t get married when they are sixteen!”
“Vidhya…”, Amitab threw the pillow back at her, deliberately hitting her on her breasts, that bounced back enticingly, “I’m not getting Ria married…just engaged”.
Glaring at his tactics, Vidhya fell back on the bed, staring glumly at the ceiling, “But why?”
“Today’s generation”, he replied shrugging helplessly, “I can’t trust them anymore”.
“Are you saying that you don’t trust my daughter?”
Shush!” he rested his head close to her and pulled a few strands of hair playfully, “Our daughter Vidhya. I know I’m not her father but I do love her more than a real father would. I have seen her grow…how can you forget that?”
Yes, how could she forget that? Vidhya felt a sharp twinge, hurting for him. She shouldn’t have told him that. Amitab might be years older than her but his mind and heart worked just like a child’s would. Even though it was second marriages from both their sides Vidhya knew that she has not loved anyone as she loved Amitab now.
“I’m sorry”, she whispered. To Vidhya he did not look more than thirty. But Amitab Melhera was fifty-two now. Apart from the slight greying at his temples Amitab could lure a girl of nineteen years right into his bed. Smiling at her silly musings and feeling possessive about her husband, she traced his lips slowly, “But Ria is so young…”
“I know. That’s why I want to protect her”, He said and she believed him, “Already I can see she is at that delicate stage where boys…”, he grimaced as he continued, “young boys are going to bait her and when the time comes I don’t want to stay at home worrying for her…”
“She might choose wisely”, Vidhya contradicted quietly.
“Oh…I don’t think I want to know what’s wise according to her”, he teased her, “And the person I have chosen for her is very good…he is already working in his father’s office and in a few more years he would be heading the New York office all by himself”.
“Don’t you believe in love marriages then? It happens you know…boy meets girl or vice versa and they do fall in love…like we did…take Tanvi and Pratinav”, Vidhya voiced slowly. Now both of them were married and happy.
Pratinav was Amitab’s son from his first wife. And Tanvi was her cousin. It was a love match right from the start.
And thinking back about Tanvi’s old life where she had been abused by a drunkard father; Vidhya couldn’t have felt happier for her.
“I don’t blame them”, Amitab said with a wry smile, “They are meant for each other but I don’t want to make any guy easy to rope Ria just because I believed in love marriage and if you haven’t forgotten this is America and I’m not poor”.
“Sometimes I wish I was back in India”, Vidhya sighed, “Everything would be simple then”.
“Everything is simple”, Amitab Melhera grinned, “And Arman is someone I trust blindly”.
“Ha!” Vidhya ran her fingers through his hair and pulled his mouth closer to hers, tantalizing him with each breath she took, “What if she hates you for this?”
Amitab Melhera swallowed hard as his gaze narrowed on her full plump lips, “I-I’ll think of something”.
“Like what?”
“Let’s just say…”, he murmured throatily as he slowly traced her malleable lips with the tip of his tongue, “I don’t plan to tell her until she finds out”.

Are things as simple as Amitab Melhera says it is? To know what happens LOVE ME IN THE END.

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