Friday, June 3, 2011

Jalandhar and its little crazy things

What is Jalandhar about?

A six hour drive from delhi or a Amritsar Shatabi train from New Delhi station would bring you to this little city where food, posh cars, salwar kameez epitomizes the way of life here. The main attraction unlike other cities are the long chain of restaurants that offer you great cuisines specializing from Indian to Chinese. Some of the ones that are tried and tested by me are:

  • Headquarters
  • Haveli
  • Park Balluchi
  • Heat 7
  • Yo China!
  • Radisson (the kebab factory)
  • Barbeque nation 
  • Chik Chik
What is hard to miss is the road side stalls that offers you so much more for little money spent. Model town is famous for its momos and its spicy chutney (there are a number of stalls to choose from) and Urban estate (near gada road) is famous for its pani puris. For dessert you can choose the Creamica where you see cars parked in disarray for one bite of that tuty-fruity and faluda kulfi.  

Each have their own specialty and people there have a huge appetite for it. 

If you have had enough of its food then you can find the little places you can hangout with friends and family. Wonderland is one such theme park and the best part about it being the size of it. Its small, compact and easy to try all the rides. Bhakra Dam at Nangal district provides a great view of the beautiful landscape around. Its a restricted area for all and you can see a huge statue of Pandit Nehruji watching over it. Naina Devi, one of the important pilgrimage after Vaishav Devi temple is on the top and its just breathtaking just going through the cable car. You can soak in the view around. Amritsar being an hour and a half drive away you can visit the Golden Temple, Jaliawala Baag and Wagha border.

Jalandhar is soon spreading around and unfortunately loosing its agricultural importance concentrating more on building marriage halls, malls and restaurants. But its surrounded by warm people with big hearts and a city not to be missed if you are in Punjab. 

Guess where it is?

On my way to Amritsar

Does not need an introduction

The spirit of Punjab 

A hot summer day

Wagha Border
Inside Golden Temple

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