Thursday, January 26, 2012

The New Year's IN...

This year has just come and by and I haven't celebrated it the way I used it. There were no drinks and no DJ, just the ol' lil me with my husband and parents. Sometimes the best way to welcome the New Year is sometimes forgetting that you are leaving behind the old. And its great to get rid of the old. Especially when you have an intense dislike to somethings and you are just tired of pretending otherwise. The new always does not began with a bang because then I never expect things to go my way but I sure want to try to make it go my way. I have certainly become a little recluse, liking my own company to the loudness of the crowd. Maybe it's just a stage when you get used to a way of life and when suddenly things begins to change in your life, you just want to be left alone without wanting to be judged. It could be for a while or could be forever but being in the organization that I am its difficult to be by myself for long. Anyhow I am trying to sort my thoughts- some good and some not so very good. Life is beginning to take new turns and I am still clueless as to how to hold on to them and not make a mistake. I have also begun to distrust people. It could be because of those bad people I have met in my life but they are gone now and I am going to have to believe in others again. It would take some time. Almost like I am coming out of a comma and I never want to get out of a room. 


  1. Good to see a post from you after a long time! I like your take on getting rid of the baggage of things we pretend to like!Also, the goodness of oneself should not be lost due stupid actions of a few :)

  2. Thank you :). sometimes its just too much around difficult to handle.


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