Monday, November 28, 2011

And why I never want...

Tapad se nahi saab, injection se darr lagta hai...
Life is not easy. So says my doctor. Not when he waves that injection at me. I have always been the healthy types, have been fed religiously on the most exquisite meals, never craved the junk food...well, other than the cheese on the Dominos pizza and perhaps that fried chicken at KFC but then its not my regular kind of food. I still love the gud ol' soft idlies by my mom (I have been having stones in the name of idlies ever since I moved but then that's another story). But then why, God why that injection needle has to get inside me! I have incidences of fainting seeing one too and people laughing but then they do not know how sensitive my heart is. 
I see blood taken by a nurse and the amount of blood almost makes me faint but then not to embarrass myself, I hold on. I guess marrying an officer you have to yourself brave (even if its just for show). Difficult not to feel when I see that needle going in. But (God Bless the nurse) it didn't really feel anything. 
I know.
So much of drama!
Now I go home happily away from needles for a while now. 


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