Monday, February 6, 2012

God and his mike

I have got the taste of both- the north and the south. My relationship with God has been different though. And its all thanks to the mike that the supposed devotees use whenever they want to talk to Him. 
North- They have 'Jagratas' usually starting just when we have just slipped into the bed, done with our daily soaps and also done with the day conversations. The dream fairy had just sprinkled sleep dust on us when comes that blaring sound of dhols and a man on mike, his mission to make God his business for the night. 
South- I know there is no fixed time to remember Him but in the morning, really? Just when I am done with having head banged with dhols, I get the bells of a temple near by getting louder by each second and my sleep is done by the day too.
I don't know why I am so sensitive to sounds when some don't notice them too much. But I don't understand devotees relationship with God and the mike. If He has the loud speakers attached to his seat, I don't know how he gets his sleep.   

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