Monday, November 23, 2015

What Was I UpTo This Diwali

I haven't written a for a while. Call it post Diwali celebrations and that happens a lot when you have a toddler at home. He doesn't enjoys the crackers. In fact, I do. I always loved the sparkle even though it's bad. I know despite me saying no to cracker, I lit up the phuljaris just for fun. But my son just ran away with the rest of the box. He hid it in a safe place and wouldn't say where.
"Fire, Danger, mummy! No fire!"
I taught him that when he was fidgeting with a box of matches a little while ago. And well, all i can say is, the tables has turned on me.

But I did make a beautiful rangoli and lit a few diyas. Husband did the necessary colourful fittings of the lights and it just felt a great evening. Diwali, one of the festivities that gives me immense happiness. I just never want to let go of the feeling, hence I kept the lights, refusing to let it go till I leave the place. We also had double celebrations on. With V. having his birthday on the same day as Diwali. Then parties after parties where we just drank in an obscene amount, danced, sang and well just felt happy.

And finally I am packing up, leaving my beloved hills- regretting to have ever hated it because there was no network for a long time- because I had no company and because I just felt really away from my parents. But nothing can beat the peace I felt inside. No restaurants, no Malls, No fancy shopping but yes, I really felt at home here. I learnt a few things here, how to make friends with the locals who were just so open hearted that I was over-whelmed.
There is something about simplicity- It Never goes out of style. 
And so saying goodbye is hard. So long, Manipur!

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  1. Glad you had a good Diwali and that rangoli is beautiful! :)
    Simple life is extraordinary. The life we live sometime feels so made up - not where we belong.


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