Wednesday, November 18, 2015


World Toilet Day is on November 19th and we need to know some things about it. 
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In a far off village...

"Amma, our teacher asked us if we have a toilet at home".
Amma, keeps reading the dough for the afternoon meal and talks very little. She has a large part of her pall, hiding her face away from the rest of the family. 
"Just say the truth".
I didn't want to tell anyone the truth. Every time we had to do our business, we had to do it at the sides of the roads. It didn't feel shameful when i was little but i am older now. It's alright outrageous for me now. 
"Do you think we should have a toilet at home?"
Appa comes home. He is tired mostly and he's got a good job in the town. He looks thoughtful when he hears me out.
"There was a reason why our ancestors didn't have a toilet inside the house".
"But why can't we keep it clean and keep it close Appa. And I don't want to pee in the fields anymore".
My words shocks him and I do not apologise. 
"She is right. You know Alka is going to school. And didn't you say, she will learn things and teach us back? Its for our own good".
A week later we got a makeshift toilet made inside our house. It was good, let felt right. 
But I promised Appa that we will keep it clean and hygienic because my teacher tells me that an unclean, stinky toilet bourns many germs that could harm my family. I help my Amma clean it. 

This is just a story I wrote. But usually its difficult to make people understand that a toilet at home is the most important thing for your family. But keeping it clean, flush or pour water, wash hands and teach your kids the same thing. Its not shame is cleaning after you leave the bathroom behind. Even if its public toilets. I see the pathetic conditions of Sulab Shauchalya and I just cannot use it! Hence thats why we are so way behind the other countries. We need to respect ourselves enough to leave our lazy attitudes behind and become a good citizen who cares. 

That being said, I do agree that villages are much more aware now and i am glad that India is change its attitude to constructing a toilet inside their homes for the convenience of the old and the women in their households. 

So pledge on this day that you will keep your toilet clean (despite the gender), teach your children about hygiene and also contribute to keep your country clean as well. 


  1. A well written post, Sonia on the subject.
    I am sure it will spread awareness among people.

    1. Thanks Purba :). I hope so too. waiting for your take on the subject.


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