Sunday, August 7, 2011


I twisted and turned
His grip was like vice
My shoulders ached
but secretly I loved this night

I had a premonition
I was going to feel this way
In his arms
In his bed
And this very moment

Our breaths mingling
and his tongue swirling
at the tip of my lips
and my heart aching

My hands made no noise
how could they?
when they felt so nice?
They slipped slyly on his back
and I slowly felt his soaring desire

We pushed each other
Hating yet wanting to be together
our touch just so natural
My eyes felt all but misty in this hot summer night

Why did I feel so lost 
In this man's arms?
It feels forbidden 
To feel so wanton

To make him mine
and me his, forever

So I twisted and turned
our breathing mingling again
His fingers doing the unthinkable
His lips on the nook of my neck

We lay together 
Feeling, making the most sweetest love ever...

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