Monday, August 29, 2011

Really Reality Bites: How to create believable characters?

One of the best days of my life is when I am all up with ideas about the plot, the characters and then (if I am very lucky) the climax.
How I make my characters?
It is very easy to create a make-believe person but to convince an audience about that person you have to make a personality to go with it. So, to begin with always think about your hero and the heroine with strong believable names that is easy to pronounce (not like those that is very difficult to remember) and make them have jobs, families and hang-ups like everyone else. Baby names websites are the best place to search for names. They also got this interesting description that could help you build a character as well.
They should have a place they come from and of course the place they were born too. They have hobbies, fears and tempers like everyone. So make a workable sheet for you. It doesn’t have to be long but long enough for you remember.
How to make a character?
Make a little biography of the protagonist and if you got the time, make a little background for the minor characters as well. So that you don’t forget why this exist.
I know it all sounds like a lot of work but if this isn’t there in that little notebook that you always carry around then you cannot simply come to writing the story. You will have your little uncertain passages and you simply cannot go back and refer all the time where the hero came from. Use colourful stick ups around the place you write and voila not even the “writers block” can stop you. Only you (your laziness) can.

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