Monday, August 29, 2011

What goes inside Plot making?

Plot is perhaps the easiest part of writing a novel. All you got to do is to brain storm a few ideas, think about the story you want to pen down and then make a very basic flow chart of what you want to achieve in the end.

Ask yourself questions. This is not your school classroom where you are hesitant to ask. Here you are the boss, you are the student and you are the reader. So ask away.
  • What (is my novel about?)
  • Why ( am I writing this?)
  • When (are my characters going to find themselves?)
  • How (will I make the perfect ending?”

This way you make a list of questions and have it safely tucked away knowing that you always have a back-up.
Make sure you have who your main protagonist is and whether your novel is going to be in first point of view, second point of view or multiple POV.
After deciding on your characters, your story begins with deciding a genre. Do you want to write a romance, mystery, thriller? Once that’s decided, make sure that you have an interesting mix of reality into fiction. Since writing LOVE ME IN THE END, I have found that romance in real is very different from the one in the pages. You have to have two people in love who despite hating each other also want to be with each other. When you have the reasons all jot down on a list of paper it becomes easy for you to use their dislike for each other as conflict. Another important part of a plot of conflict but then I will explain that in detail later.

For example from Love Me In The End:
“Of course I want to marry!” she contradicted, “Just not you in particular”.
“And the reason could be?” Arman narrowed his eyes.
“I don’t like you”.
“Fine! I don’t like you either”, turning back to the other woman who was smiling almost maliciously, “And there is nothing better than to get rid of you”.

Also make sure that you have a sub-plot going on since it becomes monotonous for the reader to keep on thinking about the problems of the hero. The sub plot could be more on a lighter side, perhaps adding the hero’s flirty brother who makes sure that the heroine goes for a date with him to make the hero jealous in turn bringing a passionate response from both sides.

Making points also help

1.       Father making decision to get a groom of his choice
2.       Daughter hopes to change his mind
3.       Hero torn between his career and impending marriage
4.       Hero and heroine meet and here comes an explosive chemistry
5.       Father feels uncertain and decides to call off the match

These are some of the points I made for my novel. And you need to keep on making it till the end even if you decide to change your mind in the end. This is the magic of a pen and lots of paper around.
Be bold when writing a story because if you don’t believe in what you write, no one else will.

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