Thursday, March 10, 2011

Diana Palmer- One of my favorite romance writer...

Another usual day for me and another novel by Diana Palmer just done with. A woman of my heart Ms Palmer always makes a strong impact on my writings. The way she carries forward a sex scene without making a reader feel like its another X-rated scene again, she manages to portray the characters with such multiplicity that you just cannot help but go with the flow. 

You find the protagonist, the hero with the same defining qualities...the tall, dark, handsome, cowboys with a vast experience in women. They usually have a shaded past, a deadly or useful job (a mercenary, a ranch owner, a doctor, a on) and they feel more than they talk. Its the way they love their woman. And its not always sex that they think about. Obviously physical attraction is one of the main theme of a romance novel (a reader would probably bored to death if it was otherwise) but it does want you to be one of those heroines whose partner just couldn't get enough of them. They are the 'Diamonds in Rough' and here the heroine enters carrying attributes that makes her every bad boy's dream.

The heroine is almost always (and i mean always!) a virgin, independent, who loves to cook, keep house, great with children, usually wears glasses and dresses like a matron. So i wonder what exactly makes her so attractive? Here Ms Palmer focuses on the inner qualities rather than the outer ones. Maybe because the readers are mostly woman, housewives, who don't really think themselves as beautiful and wear dowdy clothes to hide all the wrong curves. So as i was saying, the hero enters, carrying forward an attraction he has for this virgin young woman who is almost fifteen years his junior. But its the forbidden that makes the hero crave for her more  and everyday the distance narrows and they come together as a couple in the end (usually in bed). 

Ms Palmer who also writes under the name of Susan Kyle has recently completed her studies in Native American studies. at the age of 45 she went back to school  and she graduated *summa cum laude* from Piedmont College, Demorest, GA, with a major in history and a double minor in archaeology and Spanish. A woman of great learning and a thirst for knowledge. If you look at her, she does look like one of her heroines and she wears the exact same glasses that she describes in almost all her novels. 

She has a stunning personna of a woman who knows that its romance that she wants to write about. The virgin brides and the bad boys controlling deep sexual desire for each other that could only be quenched in each other's arms. Somehow makes an interesting read for a reader who loves a good juicy romance without the trimmings. 

This must be my 30th novel of her and I still hunger for more.  

Here is a link to her website who would be interested in reading her...


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