Monday, March 7, 2011


I have started gym-ming and its just an off and on process where I am actually meant to do cardio, weights and yoga with lots of suryanamaskars. Its a process that makes you sleep in the night early, and check your weight again and again on personal weighing machine. Its a craze though short-lived. Having said that the walks in the evenings just add to the seriousness of the situation. Well, as I make my way towards the army gym, I see the no#1 gypsies, some ambassadors lined up. Inside I see women nearing forty-forty five working like mad on the equipments, wanting to shed all those calories that has been donned so carefully  by having all the party food either at the social evening or at the army club. How can we forget the fattening army rashion that has to be given mostly away if you love yourself. Anyways subcategorizing the women i see there:
The mini madness: women who have actually lost the weight but cannot let go of the habit. They still workout like they will never see tomorrow.
The procrastinators: The new gymmers who make their way towards the easiest equipment. The bicycle and steppers. Because the equipment does half their workout for them.
The gym virgins: They actually never saw the face of the gym in their life. Walking had always been the way to be fit but the fad has started. The friends are already there working out so wearing their most comfortable garb (salwar kameez, sometimes a bindi, sindoor, gold chain and long line of earrings included) they gossip more than they workout.
And then the young lot who see more than they work out...


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  1. Nice can be generic too rather than applying only for military, with some more categories written for universal audience.


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