Friday, March 4, 2011

Voice of cession VS Voice of dispute

Whenever I get this horrible thought that I am going to never regret anything in my life I get a feeling of fatigue that this why exactly I am just supposed to shut up and let go. It seems that one is not supposed to protest in the armed forces. Maybe that's why they are called the forces cause everything is forced here. The talking, the thinking, the walking, the making...everything. 
The officers follow orders and so do their wives. Its another thing that your boss is another man's wife. Its Mrs this and Mrs that. At first it was all out of respect but later it just comes out mechanically. You don't want to even become close enough to call with their first names. No matter how much more educated you are than them, the MA and MBA's don't matter. I know experience counts but what's the use when that experience is just a follow of tradition that you hated it once upon a time? After all you have your husband's career in your hands. The dreaded ACR is your enemy no matter how much time, love and interest you have given to the organization. But to tell the truth, it has always been this way and if the younger generation doesn't get this feeling of injustice, the future will not change. I have a horrible feeling of doom... 
Just to make it clear this is not a HATE blog. Its just a random series of thoughts if I don't write down I am just gonna go insane.So to avoid fauj any future psychological treatment to a very harrassed army wife, CHANGE.