Monday, March 21, 2011

What Characters?

At times when I am done with writing and with loads of editing to be done, I ask myself why I end up writing a hero that is emotional and a heroine that is stubborn as hell. I know my mind mapping draws my characters depending on what they are feeling at the certain situation and not always do what they are supposed to be doing. They go out of hand very soon and I drag them to fight win the love of their life and put someone else's priorities ahead. 

However, making characters is not always the easiest job in the world. It is always a struggle between who is the perfect guy for the perfect woman out there and what exactly do they want. The perfection begins to fade as their inner flaws interfere with their goals and I make time to hate as much as I love my 'Hero'. It almost makes a poetry of a sort and I think of the Greek Tragedy- The rise and fall. Only to Rise again, obviously. I dislike tragedies in Romance novels. But then without pain there is no resolution to find something better in lives and one has to know the value of happiness. So there it goes, I map it again- the rise, the tragedy, the fall, the resolution to find happiness and the rise again. Of course there is lot of physical chemistry going on to tie the hero and the heroine together in an invisible knot though faced with temptations. Perhaps this is what makes me want to go on writing Romances. What is making my characters tick depends entirely upon what makes them happy at first is affecting their love interest in the end. So there goes the vital combat between wills and the lifetime of love. 

The knowledge that I am responsible for making two very different people fall in love and in a way that they are bonded for life together is perhaps my way of saying- I believe in miracles (even love can forever, right?) 

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