Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Day 10 without him

The first day I saw him off, I slept in the most bizzare position on bed, my arms and legs all over the bed. ALL is MINE now. Second day I managed to get up late and eat breakfast of chips and bread and then chips again. The fat woman inside me wanting to be appeased with more fatty foods. The TV was on 24/7 and I lost interest in my help, shooing them off for my own luxury. The movies were getting interesting, yes I watch those made in the late 80's with all that saas bahu drama and just can't stop. I watch the horror ones too, sometimes they get too monotonous for me too. I have stopped getting scared from those evil faces too.

The excitement has given way to sad songs now. How can i ever forget you Jagjit Singh? You have only managed to pour more salt over my wounds though. I keep listening to 'Hum Tumhare nahi toh kya ghum hai', the drama queen inside me just lying around and feel bad for myself.

Time to get back to the old self again and start writing a little or at least read a little more than I am doing right now. Another week and more and then he will be home. I guess I can be my drama wife-y self again. I can't live the bachelor life all over again. Its just so weird. 


  1. lol u r lucky that u got to experience bachelor life for some time...enjoy babes ;) Movies, shopping, songs, food carvings and what not!

  2. Just read this one! Wishing you a Very Happy New Year!


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