Thursday, November 10, 2011

Why my mom rocks- completely!

It is a known fact that a woman is the backbone of a family. And a woman who runs the house is the one that makes its a home. As a kid I didn't understand these facts. I had a working mom who managed home like a pro and whenever there was a hitch I wouldn't know of it. Moms are such great creatures that only the lucky ones get. But a Mom who are enterprising, perfectionist and a great friend is an added jewel in the house. I see some moms lying in front of the TV having no other thing in the world once their children are settled and this somehow unsettles me. Its as if they have lost their zest for life. They talk randomly about TV soaps and what character did what and it only makes me pity them because I see one shining example of a mother who has never stopped living. My mother is what one would call a woman of substance. She got married young and went on to complete her Masters in Education only to later open a school and dedicate her life to improving lives. Along side were her three daughters who were blossoming under her care. Of course a loving husband helps and I never remember feeling alone. She is also a great cook. Coming from a Bengali background she knew none of what my dad's Punjabi's family liked. Now she expert is in making South Indian, Chinese, Punjabi, Gujrati and so on. She always takes her life as a challenge and I am looking forward to see my mom grow everyday- as a person and as a great friend.


  1. Such a nice post on a loving n caring mom!

  2. a mother is suppose to be a rockstar.. bcoz they are d one who teach us, make us learn, they hold us with their performance of d whole day, they are restless, they are our true frnds sometimes and so is d case of urs.


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