Thursday, November 17, 2011

Time away from husbands

Being an Army Wife is not really easy and with husbands away it is pretty much making this job a bit harder than it already is. Separation is perhaps the part of his job and slowly it's only a few years when you start getting used to it. Perhaps even start making plans as to what to do when I am all alone without the routine of  wife-ly duties. Lots of drama that goes in the background.
It starts with the usual question: "When are you coming back?" "Where are you going?" "Why you?" "Will you be very busy?" "Will get time to call?" followed by some vague answers that sometimes don't make sense.
The night he leaves feels like the end of the world. Inside you are literally begging him not to go but isn't this part of the deal when you become a wife of a man in uniform?
But then as you get used to living alone, books come out as you get time to read, watching those old movies, eating fried stuff more than you want to and keep the door closed more than you used to. Its like your own private world now and its difficult to handle it as your habits become very similar to your college days where mom and dad didn't know what you were up to. Calls from the husbands are infrequent and its hard to explain what you did all day long. The 'I love yous' and 'Miss yous' are frequent even if the calls are short. Makes me more eager to see him again. Perhaps I am in that stage in life where I enjoy being this wildly romantic soul where the world is always a better place if I am in his arms.
Marriage itself is a holiday for me, so a holiday from holiday becomes sinful than ever and too much of good thing is not really fun afterwards. So is separation another way of making us realize how important he is our lives? In a way a lady gets to enjoy the freedom and apart from being a wife gets to experience loneliness and ways to handle it. I have come to enjoy my loneliness. I enjoy my own time because the less I talk, the more I realize there are so many things in life I have done to regret nothing. One good thing did come out of all this thinking- I am glad I married him.

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  1. A true portrayal of difficult life of a service officer's wife. Can empathize fully having seen that life!


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