Thursday, August 13, 2015

Voodoo- Horror story- Part 2

It was how I learnt all about black magic.
And I didn't look like the witch I was. My grandmother never liked my father. Is that how he died of heart attack? I saw her plunging the needle in his heart, again and again.
Mother was just living in a trance of her own as if she had been programmed to live a life in a certain way. I had stopped caring long back and it bothered me a little that I didn't really want to know about her life anymore.
I loved a guy who studied with me and we were kind of friends too. But he was flirty. When he smiled at others, my heart ached. I wanted that smile only for me. I had no friends so that made it difficult for him to stick with me for long. But there were no confessions of love either when he first kissed me. No beautiful beach view at Marine Drive or looking into each other's eyes. It just happened. Later on when I thought about it, I didn't really feel the flutter that I thought I would. But there was one feeling of happiness that had escaped me for long. My fingers fiddled with the lock of his hair that I used for the portion. I opened the door to my work room and used another lock in the large wok I had been using.
A bell rung and I turned the curtain to hide.
Then I saw him again. That dark shadow that moved, touched everything in my room. It had no shape yet I could hear the loud breathing, as if it was just near my ear. I could feel the breath, cold and chilling.
"I came to take you", the voice had no gender. I could just feel a mix of voices, "You promised".
"I...Of course", the sweat trickling down my forehead, "But it was just a kiss. I asked you to make him fall for me".
"Ok. I will come afterwards then".
I sat on the ground, my heart pummelling and I felt as if my head would break into two.
The devil was here to take my soul and if I didn't succumb, I was going to die.

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